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A Bit of Love Hate (One Direction / Harry Styles)


Hey guys we're writing our first fan fiction and we hope you like it! Please tell us your honest opinions on it so comment and vote! :) xx

Chapter 1

**Chelsea’s POV**

It had been a long day, and my late night shift was finally over. I had been left behind to clean up, so it was up to me to lock up the place. I turned around, inserted the key in the lock, turned it twice and checked the door knob just to make sure. Finally I could go home and sleep, who knew a summer job at Starbuck’s could be so tiring? I turned abruptly, planning to get to my apartment as fast as possible and fall into bed without even changing. But of course my plans always failed miserably.

As I turned I walked straight into something big and flat. I stumbled backwards and tripped over my own feet. Oh god! I thought as I started to lose my balance. I was certain I was about to fall, until a strong hand caught me. It held on to my upper arm, firmly, until I regained my balance. I looked up at the person I had bumped into. “Mind where you are going!” I hissed, as I looked up at a pair of big green eyes. They pierced the dark and almost seemed to light up the night, but I was not impressed. “You nearly knocked me over!”  He raised an eyebrow at me and smiled cheekily, exposing his dimples.

“I am sorry, babe.” He chuckled while he looked me up and down. What is wrong with this boy, I thought, he nearly knocked me over and now he is checking me out? What a player! For some reason this infuriated me.

“Don’t call me ‘babe’, and do not check me out!” I snapped at him, hoping to wipe the smile off his face. But my attempt was miserable and his smile just grew wider. “You know if you smile any wider, your face will fall off?” I tried again.

He shook his head and ignored my attempts at insulting him. “So, what’s a pretty girl like you doing out so late alone?” He asked as he tilted his head to the side, to continue his visual exploration of me.

“None of your business.” I answered, trying to sound as cold as possible. But again he looked amused, rather than insulted or annoyed.

“Need a ride?”

“No, especially not from you!”

“Do you realize who I am?” He wondered, finally starting to sound annoyed.

“Yeah, I am aware that you are Harry Styles. But, honestly, I couldn’t care less.”  I was tired of arguing with him, so I walked away leaving him with a bewildered look on his face. Did he really think I would care about who he was? Well I didn’t. As I walked away I realized Adrian was going to kill me when I told him who I had just ignored.

**Harry’s POV**

Did a girl just walk away from me? Without screaming, fainting or even fangirling? This hadn’t happened to me in quite a while, and it took me a few seconds to recover from the shock and register what had happened. She was so different from the many girls I met on a regular basis, and I didn’t even know if that was a good thing. I looked at her retreating back and could not help but smile. She had gotten so pissed when I checked her out but I just couldn’t help myself. Her long legs and her silhouette that was curvy in all the right places had caught my eye the moment she stumbled into my chest. She was hot. But her attitude and glaring greenish grey eyes had surely been what caught my attention. For the first time in years a girl had snapped at me, uncaring of who I was, how intriguing!


I got home and let myself in, knowing that Louis would be with Eleanor and not wanting to disturb them. I tiptoed into the living room, headed to my room, but found them lying on the sofa watching some television. I smiled at them and said hello, hoping that they wouldn’t ask me about my staying out late. I made it half way across the room before Louis called me over. “How was your night Harry?” He questioned wiggling his eyebrows at me. I frowned a little, not knowing what to answer.

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