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The streets were the mirror of the people's suffering and poverty; the buildings were so old and crumbled, like an old man about to fall. The rubbish everywhere, the people consisted of hookers and thieves and rebels. And anyone who lives there is known to have a hard life. It was like the world singled them out, for all the others to see and keep away from.

 Entering the mini market, was a young man, wearing a hood and a jeans just like them, but somehow he stood out, like the light in the darkness, he didn't belong there, and all the people there felt it too. This young man was Damien.

Standing there, he looked around him breathing it all in, the people, the alleys, the cars, everything. After all, everything is really important to know, and save in the memory, so he can know if something is going wrong.

At first, when his boss told him about the assignment and how he has to go there, he didn't like the idea one bit. He thought it was stupid, as it will only raise heads in suspicion. And to prove his point, the neighborhood where stealing glances towards this fine man, wondering if he is one of them.

But on the other hand, no one knows who he is, which makes it better for him. Now he can see his boss's point of view, now he is in the middle of the act and in the middle of any crime that could happen.

Marline woke up in the morning, and in the morning I mean 2 am, with the sound of the alarm blaring in her ears, shutting it up with her fist.

She woke up to do the same routine, going to the bathroom to brush her teeth, and wash her face.

 Opening her closet ,she took out the work's clothes, which consists of a very small shorts with a zipper at the front, and a very revealing top that her boobs pops out of it ,for all the guys to drool on, that only had ropes to hold it on her body.

 Marline hated these type of clothes, but her boss would kill her if she went with a normal shorts and a larger top, he doesn't want nuns he would say.  

Putting them on she put on pants, on the shorts, and a t-shirt on the top, to hide the stripping clothes, till she arrived to work.

 Taking the keys she went to work. Now don't think she had her own home, or even a rented apartment. No this was an apartment that her boss made her live in, not for charity of course, but for business.

Now this is the place, where she had hot sex with a different guy every night, for money. Of course she slept with guys at work, but the larger the price you pay the more you can get.

Arriving at the club marline entered to find her shift is about to start taking off the clothes that covered her. Revealing her sexy body much to her discomfort.

Damian entered Saxon club at 3 in the morning to get a beer in the club you could see the strippers dancing on the poles and practically having sex with it between the crowds he singled out marline she was talking with some guy then she disappeared behind this man's back Damien rose from his chair heading towards where marline when he was stopped by the huge man that she was talking to

Damian's P.O.V:

"Ticket …" the man demanded 

"What ticket?" I asked

"Look if you want to have fun you got to give some green "he said

"Fun…." And then it strike me the place marline went into was the bed chambers for customers I had to pay to get in there and to cover any suspicion I pretended to be a guy looking for some 'FUN'  "um…. Where can I pay" I asked

"See this man over there  ..." he said pointing to a very terrifying guy, I nodded "thanks man"

You may call me idiot for not knowing the procedure, or the place marline went into, but I never paid to get laid. Girls threw themselves at me. Before being with Britney, I had a different girl every night, and I was making her dream come alive, and sometimes two at time. So yeah I never paid for that, I could get it anywhere, anytime, if I wanted.

"Hey man would that be enough to make my night" I said showing him 200 bucks.

"Depends on which chick you want" he said back

"The girl with the red top and shorts with a zipper in the front " I said describing marline's clothes as I didn't want him to know that I knew her.

"Ah marline….she's a very wanted chic …. She has a customer right now and a customer after. Do you want to wait for her or anyone else can satisfy your need?"

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