when shadows creep


this is my first putting up anything so be gentle with the comments, its a lgbt story so there are scenes that will offend the close minded but you dont have to read it now do you???


The Introduction

poem by venus

it starts like a fever within, slow building but intense that consumes all within.

a brush of fur underneath the skin has you archin your back tryin to calm your


soon the pain comes it hurts but its like the most unbearable pleasure imagined,

bones break an bend pop, crack.

on the floor tearin off the clothes for they hurt your flesh that stretches, every bone breaks an refroms leavin you sweating from the sweetest agong.

the voice within soothes your mind with words that have you smiling dispite the discomfort, nothing beautiful was ever made with out a bit of pain.

finally the last part of the transition the part where you and your wolf becomes 1.

there you are seeing through the eyes of the animal that lives within you everything is better, brighter intense.

now your one with the wolves free to run a predator in the skin of a human life just got sweeter.


"i hear voices in my head they talk to me .....

Her alarm goes off @ precisely 5:30 in the morning urgghhhhhhh' she groans muttering 'it's that time already wtf' an sits up running a hand over her face. After taking several breaths an stretching the muscles in her back she gets up an head to the bath taking a in bithing cold water to awaken her fully, 'hmmmmmm she says with a smile an washes an gets out the shower brushes her teeth.

Pulling on some tracks and spandex an her nike running shoes she heads down to the gym for her session with Marlon, as she walks towards the gym she could hear him shouting instructions and smiles someone was in a good mood since he normally justs drops you on your ass an tell you again.

'Dont think so hard Venus an get your ass in the room we have a lot of things todo this morning get in here' he shouts through the door as i paused.

Putting a amused look on my face i walked in an bowed 'fine but im so nt going to school with bruises my body aches enough as it is so come on lets get this over' i replied an walked to the ring.

Pulling up to school i parked in my usual spot an winced as i turned to get out the car shaking my head so much for me nt getting more aches an pains. Marlon has been my trainer since the day my father saw the alpha mark on my shoulder an the color of my eyes, it didnt matter that i was a female i was a born ruler. you could either become alpha by challenging the current one and actually winning or you were born with the mark of alpha. So when i turn eighteen i'll be sitting by my fathers side learning more than i already do about being alpha. Taking a breath I cleared my head an walked over to my pack, but for now i'll just be me Venus Selene Nike Likos.

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chapter 1 'ready, get set go'


rose rollins of the L'Wordas venus
Michelle Trachtenbergas Soteria

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