It all went so wrong… My Grey brother Thomas sent our Lady Mother a letter, telling her about the barricade. We had failed.

"Richard was better armed than we had assumed" he wrote to the Dowager Queen Elizabeth, our mother "As we entered the Tower’s domains, we were attacked by the royal Army; it was almost as if they were just waiting for us.

 The storm held the Tudor’s ships from Brittany, and they had to go back. Buckingham’s men were also troubled by the storm and they deserted when Richard’s men attacked us. Buckingham himself tried to flee, but Richard had put a bounty on his head and he was caught and beheaded on the 2nd. Beaufort-Stanley’s men fought but failed."

But Lady Mother, I went to where our boys were. Me and two of the Stanley’s men had bribed a guard to let us both in and get the princes, but we found his body on the staircase, a slit on his throat. As we went to the White Tower, I was near the door and I even saw a glimpse of Edward as the guards came in and closed the door and attacked us. Edward is alive, the other boy as well, I saw them and heard them. I screamed to them “Do not worry, we are coming back to rescue you! Your mother, the Queen Elizabeth, and I, your brother Thomas Grey, shall not rest until you are restored to your rights! The whole England shall fight for you!”. The guards took the boys to another room, a more protected place. It will be harder the next time, Lady Mother, I warn you.

            I am unharmed; I fled to the court of Henry Tudor in Brittany, so now I am in hiding and there is a price on my head. Most of Buckingham’s men joined Tudor. I shall observe him. Is it true that he intends to marry my sister, the Princess Elizabeth? There are rumors. His mother, Lady Margaret Beaufort, writes him regularly as far as I’ve heard, and he trusts no one but his uncle Jasper. I wonder, Lady Mother, how far would Lady Margaret fight for us, for our boys, when she has a grown son of the House of Lancaster to claim the throne. Trust me: someone has alerted Richard about the barricade. Beware with those allies. I don’t know how good friend Margaret Beaufort is, nor how “sans changer” her husband, Lord Stanley, is."

"Margaret Beaufort will claim for her son!" I told mother after I read it. She was sat on her chair, looking out the window; I knew she knew the content of the letter by heart. "This is why she wants to arrange the marriage of her son and me! So his claim would be even bigger… The Lancaster boy and the York heiress…"

She simply nodded.

"Mother, we can’t ally to them… They might have our boys killed. They do not intend to put them on the throne!"

"Lady Margaret was my lady-in-waiting." My mother said, quietly "She saw the birth of my last children, of Anne, Margaret, George, Catherine and Bridget. She held them and I named her their godmother. Would she send two little boys to their deaths? Would she be capable of plotting to kill two children? Princes?"

"If she believes she has a prince of her own, why not? If she believes her son can be the next King of England? Making her Milady the King’s Mother?"

My mother sighed, tired.

"Of course she would. Maybe she even attempted to do so."

We were both silent for a while. I knew her mind was furiously working. Our plan had gone wrong, now we needed a new one, and she would not allow anyone else to head a plan to save her boys other than her own self.

"I don’t know, Elizabeth" She finally said, sighing. "I honestly don’t know. I think I must take my concerns and doubts to God and pray that He will send me a sign. I think we should ask Melusina to keep our boys safe."

I shivered. Melusina, the water goddess. My grandmother Jaquetta used to tell about her to us when we were little. And her affinity to her almost caused her the scaffold long time ago when Warwick held my grandmother as a prisoner, accusing her of being a witch and casted a spell on my father so he would fall in love with my mother. Surprisingly, the one who saved her from a horrible fate, the same death of her beloved husband, was Margaret of Anjou. My grandmother, Jaquetta Rivers, had served Queen Margaret as her chief lady for years, when King Henry VI was on the throne. Indeed a Cousin’s War. We killed and saved each other.