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The Rich Girl and the Gangster

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Chapter twenty four:


Diego came into my bedroom without knocking, a big ass grin on his face, which was kinda awkward since I was standing there shirtless and I so did not feel him like that.

“Dude, you look like a donkey.” I told him in all sincerity.

His grin didn’t falter, “Thanks, bro, you look hot too.”

“Seriously what’s up?” he only ever got this excited about food and sex, and I wasn’t about to give him either of those.

“Guess who’s favorite couple just broke up?”

I met his words with stunned silence, surely he couldn’t mean …?

“Eliza and Drew?  They broke up?”

I didn’t dare hope, but when Diego nodded his head, I found myself wearing the same stupid grin as he did. I looked at the shirt in my hands, a simple black one, and threw it away somewhere in a corner. Instead, I picked out a white wife-beater and my leather jacket. I left my dark blue  jeans on, tousled my hair a bit and took a look in the mirror. Call me idle, but I knew Eliza liked this combination since the last time I wore it she couldn’t stop checking me out.

“How do you know they broke up anyway?”

“Well…” Diego actually scratched the back of his head, as if something was making him uncomfortable, “Last night, after I visited with my special lady friend,”

I snorted, “You don’t have a special lady friend.”

He goes on as if I hadn’t interrupted him, “I drove by Elisa’s house, and as I knew I wasn’t being followed and everybody thought I was still in bed with my special lady friend, I decided it would be a smart move if I camped out outside of Elisa’s house, undetected of course, and make sure she didn’t have any trouble with her new house guest.”

“You knew?” I asked, quite shocked.

Diego cocked an eyebrow, “Of course I knew, you really think you can keep a secret from me, psh. Anyway, I figured you and Julio wouldn’t be able to keep an eye out in fear of being followed so I kinda volunteered for the job.”

He shrugged as if it was nothing, but I laid my hand on his shoulder, shook him a little and said, “Thank you. You went out of your way to help me without even being asked, so thank you. And I owe you.”

Again he shrugged, “You’re my best friend, man, there are no debts between friends. I know you would’ve done the same.”

He looks down at my hand on his shoulder, wrinkles his face in mock disgust and said, “Take your hand off me, just because I showed you some love doesn’t mean we’re dating.”

I laughed and gave him a shove, “Shut up, asshole.”

Taking one last look in the mirror, I turned around and said to Diego with more enthusiasm than I would’ve ever believed, “Come on, let’s go to school.”

His eyes narrowed and he said, “You’re really going to do it?”


“Aren’t you afraid she’s gonna reject you?”


“So you’re just gonna walk up to her, even if she’s way out of your league and ask her out.”

Was it me or did it sound like he was asking for advice?

“Something like that, I’ve already been to prison, what’s gonna happen to me that’s worse?”

“Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage, minds- “

“What are you, gay?” I was really wondering about that now, I mean poetry?  What had gotten into him?

“Hey, the chicks dig it, don’t hate until you’ve tried.”

“Dude, if you need poetry to get laid, you’re doing something wrong.”

But Diego just shrugged and after a moment of silence, the air changed once again and he said “Geez, now I know why the boss likes you best. You’re fearless.”

I tried to laugh that off and said, “I’m not fearless.”

Diego shook his head and said, “Please, Xavier, you’re not afraid to get your heart broken by the first girl you’ve really liked since you went away to prison. I mean, nobody would have judged you if you banged every chick in town the first day you were out, but no, you were all like, “I’m done with casual screws, I’m gonna pick a girl and stick with her.” You’re not afraid to get a broken heart, you’re not afraid to get the crap beaten out  of you, you’re not afraid of spiders. There’s nothing, absolutely nothing.”

I had to shake my head at his dramatic way of telling me all this, with a lot of hand gestures and all, and I also had to disagree with him.

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