The window creaked open, Jayden and Eline standing there frowning. Then Eline schrieked, pointing at my burned hand. I bit my lip, shoving it in my pocket before pulling before helping them back into my room. With a faint smile I sighed and leaned backwards so I fell on my back on my fluffy bed. Jayden breathed in deep, looking at me. "I don't want to know anymore."

Rolling her eyes dramatically Eline fell down next to me, mumbling something under her breath. For some wierd reason she seemed asif I was supposed to have heard and understanded everything when she looked over at me, holding up one of her eyebrows like she was waiting for something. "Xanthia, are you okay? What happend to your hand!?"

"Nothing, I'm fine," I whisperd, peering up at Jayden, who was leaning against the doorpost with his lips pressed together into a line. He was quiet, tears welling up in his eyes as he opened his mouth. Eline just saw that, rubbing her teeth over eachother and sighing. "What, Eline?"

"Jayden had news," she murmered, avoiding eye contact as she grabbed a book from the ground. Quickly unataching herself from our conversation her eyes started shooting over the whole page. She seemed suddenly nervous, ignoring my quistioning looks.

"Jayden?" I asked softly, narrowing my eyes as I said it. With a sigh he shook his head, biting his leap as the tears kept going. More, more, more. Suddenly his arm reached forward, tugging my hand out of my pocket and screaming in agony, but emotionally this time. "Jayden, what's wrong!?"

"I was right.. This is so bad, its all wrong!" he screamed slamming his hand against my face as he yelled again. Surprised I held my hand against the blood, slowly walking backwards and tripping over the bed. I burst out in tears, and Jayden froze.

Blood. The first time he saw blood. Crap.

With a high pich scream I rolled over, Eline getting pushed aside. Without even having the time to say sorry to her I put my feet on the matras, pushing myself up onto my feet. I could see the fight in his eyes. He didn't want to hurt me. He had to. "Run, Xanthia!" he yelled, reaching towards me and missing by a inch.

"Sage is here," I whisperd, remembering as I stepped off the bed and pushed myself to the wall, how ironic it was. Suddenly Jayden froze, just as he took something out of his pocket. Behind the fallen Jayden stood Eline, a knife in her hand as she kept hyperventalating. He would be down a few hours, but he wouldn't die or have permanent damage.

I swollowed, squeezing my eyes closed. Over the ground rolled the small, red bottle, bumping against the leg of the bed.

"I'm sorry for bringing him here, Xanthia," was the only thing Eline could say. I shook my head slowly, looking up at her.

"Help me pick him up, he has to get out of here."