*For this chapter I reccomend listening to Stand In The Rain....It just has the right hint of emotion in it, also I am sorry the update took me so long.*

*Cassi's POV*

Kitty and I had walked home when the sun had begun to set in the sky, casting everything in a beautiful orange glow. My feet slapped against the sidewalk melodically, but my mind was wandering to dark places that I wish weren't my memories.

Kitty was speaking to me, but everything she said went through one ear and out the other like she was speaking in a forigne tongue, and I just nodded my head blankly as I stared forward. Flashes crept into my mind, violent memories that made my lower lip tremble.

Pain...Weeping...Cold eyes...Stern lips...Broken Glass...Harsh words...

Each image came with it's own sting in my chest and I walked faster, with my head bowed low, leaving Kitty to stare after me in suprise, before she sprinted to catch up with me, her fingers latching upon my shoulder to spin me around.

"What's wrong?" She asked me with concern, and for once her face was actually completely serious as she stared up at me, before pulling me into a tight hug. I didn't need to explain anything to Kitty, it was her job to know what was bothering me, and she was doing a pretty damn good job. "Your dad is a bastard Cassi....Mom and I are your family now, and you never have to go back there again..." She whispered into my ear as I hugged her back.

She patted my back until I pulled back and sent her a grateful smile. "Thanks Kitty..." I muttered and swiped at the corners of my eyes with the pads of my thumbs just incase any traitor tears had ended up on my cheeks, thankfully none had.

I'd never been any good at expressing or sharing my feelings with others, actually, when ever I did end up like I'd been a few moments ago I always locked myself somewhere no one else could get to me and waited until the feeling passed.

We walked the rest of the way in silence, and when we were back inside the house, Kitty ascended the stairs quickly, two at a time, knowing that I would need just a few moments to collect myself alone. I threw my damp towel into the laundry room, than leand back against a wall with the bridge of my nose pinched between my thumb and forefinger, taking deep breaths to cease the collapsing feeling inside of me.

I remember a simplar time when my mom had stil be alive, and my family hadn't been shattered like glass thrown upon a surface. My father had actually smiled and hugged me, telling me that he'd always be there for me and my mom no matter how bad things got. I shook my head with a sad chuckle at the lie, but felt my lip begin to tremor again, as I unsucessfully tried to stop it.

After my mothers accident, my father had turned to liquor for comfort instead of me, his own daughter. It cut me deeper than any knife ever could, that my only family left, ignored me and wasted the hours of the day sprawled out across our couch, drunkinly slurring about how he wished she were still around. I'd thought he just needed time to coop with her death, but the more space I gave him, the worse things became. He grew angry and violent towards anything that moved, lashing out at me when I was only trying to go upstairs to my room.

I'd go to school with bruises, black eyes, and sometimes even gashes across my skin. Kitty had noticed right away of course, and worriedly went to her mother, telling Doris about my condition. She'd evidently offered me a safe haven from my abusive father, and I am so thankful to them for that.

I pushed myself from the wall with a shuddery breath. Even with the way he treated me, he was still my father and I loved him, and missed him beyond messure. Quickly I darted up the stairs and into the bedroom - Kitty was in the bathroom from the sound of the shower - so I had enough time to comb out my hair, change into a pair of dark jeans and a rumpled T-shirt.