~Princeton Love Story~ (Mindless Behavior)



Diamonds POV:prince carried me in the room and laid me on the bed and he just keep looking at me with those beautiful eyes


P:you sure you ready

D:(sighs)yes....I'm ready

P:ok but first(pulls out condom and puts it on)

D:thank u a boy who remembers

P:hahah ready

D:yup come to mama


Prince stared kissing me and tuning his hand up and down my leg hard I started to moan he slid his hand up my shirt he took my shirt off and stared kissing up my stomach to between my breast and he took my bra off with his teeth and I took off his shrit and stared filling his abs then he took my pants and panties of and he took all his clothes and we both got under the covers because you know it gets cool the prince got back on top of me and I knew it was time.

P:you ready baby

D:(nods head scared it's going to hard)

P:it might hurt a little bit.......who I'm I kinding my d**k is like 15 inches long.....

D:prince not helping!

P:sorry but her goes take a deep breath

Prince slid he's d**k in me and I made a really loud moan/scream that the hole tour bus can hear I stared breathing hard and prince was going slow up and down in side me

D:(moaning repectivly)Princetonnnnnnnnn stopppp

P:u really want me to stop (still going)

D:no go faster

(Prince does whut his told)

D:ahhhhhhhh go faster!!! (moaning)oh yes oh oh baby yes!!!!

(I was laughing sooo hard when I wrote that)



P:I said whuts my name(he goes in so hard that its hard to explain)

D:ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!princeton you name is Princeton owwww (moaning )that hurts.....do it Agin

P:(does as told)

D:(moaning)I love you

P:I love you too know let me taste you

Prince gets out of me and he goes under cover sticks he's touge in my p***y I moan loudly push head head to go in more I bit my lip trying hard to hold in my big moan but I couldnt help it

D:(moans loudly)oh prince deeper deeper!!!!

P:(does as told)

They do that for like five more minutes and then it was my turn I went under the covers and I put his d**k in my mouth and sucked it hard.

P:(groaning)oh yea baby suck it don't choke it

D:(still sucking and he starts getting crum then she stops)

I crawled up to I was in top of prince and I lead my head on his chest and I didn't fill like putting my clothes back on so I just with to sleep like that and we both was out like a light

It was wierd writing this tell me if you prefer me to do the RATED R parts or not please tell me because it was funny just writing it god please forgive me for writing this on a sunday amen.vote,comment pleaseeee with princetons penis on top.hehe j/k:)

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Gail Scott as diamond (me)
Young keke palmeras madison
Pagie Hurd as Mary
Mindless behavioras them self
Omg girls as themselves
Diggyas himself
Jacob Latimoreas himself
Lauren Londonas kayla
miocheas her self

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