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Prank Phone Call = Love?


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Prank Phone Call = Love? Chapter 44








~Sky's P.O.V~




As soon as I walked into the school students swarmed me. Everyone wanted to know what had happened to me. Many who did know just wanted to know if I was all right. I just smiled at everyone and said that I was fine before running off to my locker.


I was dreading of what was to come for the day. I didn’t feel like facing people in every class. I didn’t want to face any of the teachers either.


“Let’s just get to class,” Ave said after closing her locker. I took one last look in my locker mirror before closing it. This time I made sure that I would be prepared for class. I walked as slow as possible to calculus.


 Ave had helped me catch up over the weekend, but it still wasn’t enough. I needed to use my lunches with Dan to get back on track with everything, but I wasn’t looking forward to sitting with him all lunch knowing that we aren’t together for the time being.


I sat down at my desk as soon as the bell rang and opened my math textbook to the chapter we were suppose to start today. I made sure that I had my calculator, pencil, and eraser out so I wouldn’t have to draw attention to myself. I looked up and caught Dan looking at me, but he quickly averted his eyes to the rest of the classroom.


As soon as Dan started the lesson the classroom door opened and Brittany strolled in.


“Brittany, this is the third time that you’re late this month. You have a detention at lunch today,” Dan said annoyed. Brittany went to complain, but spotted me and gave me a hard look. What the heck?


All class I copied down everything that Dan wrote on the smart board, but I couldn’t pay attention to anything he said. I tried my best to listen, but I couldn’t do that very well without looking at him so I decided to get Avery to explain it to me later on while we did our homework or at least ask Dan for help at lunch and suck it up.


When the bell rang I gathered my things as fast as possible and dumped them into my bag before I ran out of the classroom. Ave quickly followed me to Chemistry class.


“Sky, you shouldn’t be running around for a while. You’ll get use to this so don’t worry too much,” she said as soon as I sat down and held onto the side of my head. I could already feel a headache coming.


“Are you alright, Miss Evans?” Mr. Edwards asked from in front of me. I awkwardly looked up at him and nodded before looking back down at my desk. Sadly chemistry flew by and it was lunchtime after what felt like five minutes.


“Are you sure that you don’t want me to come?” Ave asked for the thousandth time today. I put on a fake smile, “I’m sure. I feel better now so I’ll be fine. Now go have your lunch with Garrett,” I ordered her before walking to math class.


I was annoyed as son as I walked in. Brittany was sitting in the back and Dan wasn’t even there yet. I ignored her look and sat down in my usual seat right in front of Dan’s desk, which was ironically the furthest desk from Brittany’s.


As soon as I heard footsteps outside Brittany stood up and made her way towards the desk next to mind. I shot her a “what the heck?” look before facing the door.


“I’m sorry I’m late, girls. I had to get my lunch from the fridge in the staff room,” Dan said before sitting down. I awkwardly sat there while looking down at the desk. I could feel someone looking at me though I wasn’t sure if it was Dan or if it was just Brittany glaring at me again.


“Did you girls understand todays lesson alright?” Dan asked us. “Of course. It was so easy,” Brittany said. I couldn’t help but clench my jaw. She doesn’t understand anything before her private tutor helps her with it.


“Really? Let’s go over some questions then,” Dan said and looked at me quickly. I couldn’t help but smile at him knowingly. I had already told him that Brittany had a tutor so I knew he was doing this for me without making it embarrassing.

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Kate Voegeleas Sky Evans
Evandro Soldatias Daniel Phillips
Amy Leeas Avery Hope
Chad Michael Murrayas Luke Johnson
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