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Beautiful Memory { lesbian - girlxgirl }

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Chapter Ten

Sharing Secrets.

       When Araohla pulled Phlu from the table she didn’t stop to think about the consequences of being nosey. Instead with Phlu’s hand in hers she weaved her way through the round tables of the deli, and approached the two men sitting in a back of the deli apparently lost in deep conversation.

     Phlu pulled on Araohla’s hand in hopes of slowing her down, but it was pointless. Araohla was a woman on a mission. When the woman had arrived at the table both men were to busy whispering, and waving their hands about to notice them until Araohla cleared her throat.

     Dalton looked up, and looked fine even smiled at the ladies. Hadin however looked up spotted Phlu, and choked when he tried to say her name.  Phlu wasn’t really annoyed with her friend; he was allowed to have secrets. Phlu smiled lightly at Hadin and he nodded his head understanding her unspoken acceptance.

      “Wanna sit down?” Dalton asked dropping what ever the topic had been before. Hadin stood up and pulled out the chair closest to him for Phlu. She dropped into it, and Araohla followed suit in a seat that was next to Dalton. So much for a date, Phlu thought, but she didn’t really mind hanging out with her best friend and the girl she was fucking.

       “So boys, what was so interesting?” Araohla asked without shame clearly being nosey. Dalton looked at Hadin, but Hadin shook his head a little. An unspoken message was passed.

       “I thought you were on a date.” Hadin said talking to Phlu.Shaking her head Phlu smiled at him before patting him on the shoulder.

       “I was on a date, but then you and Dalton were spotted and Araohla decided that we needed to come be nosey.” Phlu told him poking Araohla in the side. Araohla just smiled and reach for a menu on the table.

       “I’m starving, lets eat.” Araohla said dunking behind her newly acquired menu. Dalton laughed and picked up one of his own so the rest followed suit.

       “Some things never change.” Dalton told the group as he scanned over the listed food.

       “What do you mean?” Phlu asked him, but before he could answer a waitress appeared. They all ordered their drinks, but asked for more time to look over the menu. When she turned and walked away Phlu looked back at Dalton and asked the same question again. “Well what do you mean by that statement.”

      Dalton looked at Araohla and smiled, but it wasn’t a nice one. It was a more ‘I’m your best friend, I know all your dirty little secrets’ smile. Araohla caught the look and smiled back at him in the same way. It was like a creepy mutually insured secret spilling smile between friends. “Do tell Dalton. I have this lovely memory of you in college. I’d just love to share.” Araohla said while brushing some hair from her face.

      Dalton’s face pinched up for a moment before he sighed and began to look over the menu again with a mumbled “Nothing.”

       “Wait wait, no come on share. We would love to hear these secrets. Wouldn’t we Hadin?” Phlu said sitting her menu down having already decided on what she was going to order.

       “It depends on which memory. Dalton and I went to school together and some of those memories don’t need to be disgusted.” Hadin said with an uneasy look on his face like he knew something.

        “Araohla, how about we have a trade? You share your Dalton secret and I’ll share my Hadin one.” Phlu offered up, and Araohla smiled while tapping her chin. Both of the men at the table looked at each other and paled slightly.

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