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Surfer's Slang


Amped: Overdoing it; excited; stoked.

Anglin': Turning left or right on a wave.

Ankle Busters: Small waves.

Awesome: Great; fantastic.

To Back Down: To decide not to take off on a wave.

Baggys/Baggies: Oversized, loose fitting boxer-type swim trunks worn for show or comfort by surfers.

Bail out: To get away from, jump off, or dive off the surfboard just before a potential wipe out.

Banzai: A gung-ho type of yell given by surfers as they shoot the curl.

Barrel: The breaking motion of a perfect wave; a hollow channel formed inside a good wave when it breaks and curls over.

Beach Bunny:A girl who goes to the beach to watch surfing.

Beached:Totally stuffed from eating.

Beaver tail:A wet suit that features a snap-on crotch, the shape of which resembles a beaver's tail.

Big Gun:A 9-foot or longer surfboard that's specially designed for large waves.

Big Surf:Extremely large waves.

Bitchin:(also "Bitchen") Very good; tops; excellent.

Blown Out:Winds blowing so hard as to chop up the surf and render it unridable.

Body Surfing:Riding the waves without a surfboard.

Bogus:False; lame; ridiculous; unbelievable.

Bombora:An Australian word that refers to a big wave that breaks outside the normal surf line.

Bone Yard:The area where the waves break (aka, Impact Zone).

Boogie Board:A soft, flexible foam bodyboard invented in the 1970s (a boogie board is ridden lying down).

Boss:Outstanding; the best.

Breaker:Any wave that breaks on the way to the beach.

Breakwater:A line of large boulders, cement, and/or steel extending out into the water and designed to reduce shoreline erosion.

Bro:(also "Bra") Short for "brother".

Bummer:Too bad; a total drag.

Bunny:(see "Beach Bunny")

Carve:To make a radical turn.

Catch a Wave: To ride a wave.

Climbing: To carve an S-shaped path on a wave, making a radical.

Dropping:bottom turn, climbing to the wave's crest, then radically cutting back

Cheater Five: Five toes on the nose - keep your weight back on the board to maintain trim and speed, squat down and extend one foot forward

Coffin: Riding a surfboard while lying stiffly on one's back with arms crossed.

Cowabunga: (also "Kowabunga") A yell of excitement by a surfer.

Crest: The top portion of a wave.

Cruncher: A big, hard-breaking wave that folds over and is almost impossible to ride.

Curl: The portion of the wave that is spilling over and breaking.

Cut Back: To turn toward the breaking part of the wave.

Cut out: To pull out of the wave, like kicking out.

Ding: A hole, crack, dent, or scratch on the surface of a surfboard.

Doggers: Multicolored swimming trunks.

Dork: Someone behaving inappropriately.

Double Spinner: Two consecutive 360-degree body spins on a surfboard.

Drop Knee: One foot on the bodyboard, with the other hanging off the back. Difficult and fun.

Dude: A male surfing enthusiast (girls are called "dudettes" sometimes, but mostly just "dudes" as well).

Dweeb: A geek; someone who acts or looks like a simpleton.

Eat It: When you fall off of a surfboard.

El Rollo: Lying prone on a surfboard and holding on to the sides while rolling 360-degrees during a ride.

Excellent: Great; fantastic; exceptional.

Face: The unbroken wall, surface, or nearly vertical front of a wave.

Fer Sure: The surfer pronunciation of "for sure," meaning absolutely, correct, or definitely.

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Surfer's Slang

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