Chapter 10: The Choice

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I go into the bathroom and wipe my tears. Ignoring what I hear. I brush the knots out of my hair, and not so secretly, peek through the small door. I can't help it.

"I fucked up," Bayani tells H.

"No shit! You should have gone after her!" H remarks.

"I thought," Bayani sighs, "I thought she would need time."

"Graser obviously didn't," H laughs.

"Yeah. What the fuck is up with him anyways?" He clentches his fists and screams.

"Dude! Calm the fuck down!"

"No! You know what? I'm gonna fuck up that robots system!" Bayani hangs up the call. "Ugly robot, you're gonna hurt."

I back away from the door, and I run out mine.

"Bayani!" I scream at him. "Don't fucking hurt him!"

"He knew we were dating, and he did that!"

"You fucking kissed Bee!" I start to cry. "You even fucking tricked her into it!"

The memories.

I guided Graser to the secret door and unlocked it quietly. I looked through the peep hole and saw their backs turned.

"You did what?" H slurred. So H is drunk.

"I kissed Bee!" Bayani said, slurring his words.

My mouth dropped open and H turn his head. Bayani was laughing.

"Bayanidood," H said sternly. "You fucked up."

"Oh please! She was a much better kisser than Aubrey. She was gullible too! I told her Aubrey and I broke up. Graser saw it happen, but don't tell Aubrey. I'm surprised Bee or Graser didn't!" Bayani laughed.

"They didn't fucking have to!" I screamed.

"Oh, babe!" Bayani stood up like nothing happened.

"Don't babe me! You're a fucking asshole! I cannot believe I trusted you!"

I turn around and Graser follows me as I lock the small door. I run to my bathroom and my vision goes blury. 

I laugh.

"You fucking tricked her!"

"Aubrey! I fucked up! I know. But we were still-"

"Actually," I cut him off. "You never even asked me to be your girlfriend."

"I know," his voice trails off. 


"I was going to the next day," he says shoving past me.

"Jordan! Don't you fucking dare hurt him!"

"Why don't I just do it?" Bayani smirks at me, "You're going to hurt him if you choose me."

"You hurt him," I smile back at him, "I most definitely wouldn't choose you."

"You can't choose him if he's dead," he continues to walk away.

No. I run after him. The fucking elevator closes before I can. I call Graser.

"Hello," his voice cracks.

"Lock the fucking doors! Bayani is on his way. I'll call you when I get there!"