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Destiny's Princess


Chapter Eleven: Utter Shock

                John walked back up the stairs and to his suite in a hurried fashion because he did not wish to speak to his parents at the moment. They would be freaking out in their suite about the news that Artemis was pregnant. During the Wolf moon and during the heat of a female werewolf was when they were most likely to get pregnant. Her heat and the wolf moon coincided, so it was almost impossible not to get pregnant (unless, of course, he had used protection). John was also surprised that his mother hadn’t picked up on the small difference in scent; her nose was generally very good. It must be that since Artemis and his mother had never met before her scent would smell unfamiliar anyways.

                He opened the door to his suite and saw Artemis at the far end in the kitchen area preparing two sandwiches. The click of the closing door made her look up from her work briefly but she continued on when she saw that it was just him. Putting the two sandwiches on separate plates, and then pouring glasses of milk; Artemis began to set the table to eat lunch.

                “Do you want to eat on the sofa and watch a movie?” John asked her sweetly.

                “Well, we can. I have just always eaten at a table because I like things to be neat and orderly.” Artemis replied to him. He smiled at her answer; he was learning more and more about her everyday.

                “We can eat at the table if you want, but it would be more fun to sit on the couch and relax.” He said with a warm smile.

                “Alrighty then.” She replied. Artemis insisted on pouring the glasses of milk into coffee mugs with lids on top so that they wouldn’t spill all over the beautiful silver fabric of the couch. She also transferred the sandwiches to paper plates rather than glass ones because she did not want them to break. John let out a laugh at how careful she was being with everything.

                “You know, you don’t have to go through all that trouble. If something breaks or spills the maids would just come and clean it up.” He said with a chuckle.

                “I would feel terrible though. My mother was always working after my father died to get away from the grief of the loss, and so when she would come home at night she would make a mess. I always wanted her to feel happy and safe so I would clean up after her all the time which would also rid her of the stress of housework. Being safe like this and being tidy is just a habit.” Artemis replied and ended with a sigh.

                “Whatever happened to your father?” John asked with a twinge of sadness.

“He passed away in battle when I was five. I can barely remember him, but I hold the tiny memory slivers of him dear to me. His face and eyes and big bear hugs stick out in my memory.” She said in a light whisper.

“Do you remember what battle he died in and what he was doing?” John asked. He wanted to know more and maybe find out his name so that he could get a statue made in her father’s honor.

“The battle of Alkina. He saw a rogue wolf go after the king and jumped in front of the attack. The wolf ended up landing on his neck, breaking it, but his confusion gave the king enough time to escape.” She said as she tried to suppress her tears.

“The king…you mean my father?” John said quietly. It was more of a statement than a question.

“Yes.” Artemis replied in a voice so soft it was barely audible.

“What was his name?” John asked. He didn’t want her to start crying, but he wanted to know desperately.

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Jennifer Lawrenceas Artemis
Ian Somerhalderas Prince John
Amrita Raoas Camille
Anne Hathawayas Queen Lilia
Bradley Cooperas King Tyler
Julia Robertsas Lucinda
Landon Liboironas Mark
Freddie Stromaas Jacob

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