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She's Broken and He's Okay


I left you. 

My heart too.

I left my smile.

I left my light.

I left my courage.

All of that with you.

I took no time in moving away. Away from you. Away from your glances across the room. Away from the glares I get from other girls. I move away from my whole life. To a small quaint little town in Georgia. Actually an island. Some where you can't find me. Break my heart all over again. Break my spirit. I told my self not to cry all those nights. To keep myself strong all those days. I willed myself to move on or so I thought.

Alison adores him. I loathe him. I loathe him from across the room. From across the cafeteria. From across my desk. I loathe the way he took my spirit and brook it in half like it was a stick of gum. I hate his guts for that. I hate the way he looks at me with these hungry eyes. All the way at his teacher's desk. I hate the way he tricked me into thinking that I was the only one for him. I hate the way I never moved on.

"Aria, come down stairs so you can meet the neighbors." My aunt Immy shouted from down stairs. I opened my door slowly and went down the stairs. When I rounded the corner I saw the most handomest boy in the world. He had the Bluest eyes ever and the most prettiest dark brown hair ever. I wasn't gawking though. Not even a bit even though on the inside, I really wanted to run my hands through his gorgeous hair. He bit his lip and smiled.

"Hello dear, this is Mateo, our son." Said the lady in the bunch with her hand extended. I took it and shook it. You know the deal. I shook all of their hands and when I reached the last person I stopped.

"Hello, I'm Mateo, and I have definitely heard a lot about you." He said with a smirk that made my hear speed up.

"Your smile is quite the spectacle and you're very beautiful." He said. Just then tears welled up in my eyes. Only Dawson would say it. The b word. He was the only one who'd call me it. I don't know why I could, but I miss him.

"Hey are you okay?" He asked.

"Yeah fine. Just fine." I say and we walk off into the other room to get dinner started. I sit at the place were my aunt told me to during the dinners.

"So are you excited to be going back to school Mateo?" My Aunty Immy Asked him.

"What teenager isn't?" Mateo said with a sarcastic voice back to Immy and I laughed. I saw his mom kick him in the leg. Either that or they were playing footsies. He was right next to me which made me feel nervous. What made me more nervous was the fact that his hand was inches from my hand which was now drowning in a pool of sweat thanks to himself. We ate dinner quickly and silently. Then when it was over I quickly volunteered to do wash dishes.

"Okay i'll help then." Mateo said. Please say no, please say no.

"No. No guest of mine will wash the dishes! How outragous!" She said and barked out a laugh. I took a breath I didn't know I was holding. I didn't want to be close to him.

"No. She needs help." He said and looked at Immy straight in the eyes. Then her facial expression went from embarrassed to calm.

"Okay deary, go straight into the kitchen and wash the dishes then." She said with a dream like daze. I walked into the kitchen and took the plates to the sink. He had the cups. We washed dishes in silence. 

"So you excited for school?" He asked repeating the question of my aunts with a small smile.

"Yeah I am sooooo looking forward to it." I say. He shakes his head.

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Logan Lermanas Mateo Brown
Lily Collinsas Aria Davidson
Chace Crawfordas Dawson Demaily
Liv Tyleras Aunty Immy
Charlize Theronas Ammie Brown

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