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Space Opera and Planetary Romance Reader Guide


Space Opera and Planetary Romance Reader Guide

Blue Tyson

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Blue Tyson

Second edition May 2010


First Position

ESO = Elder Space Opera 

MSO = Modern Space Opera 

NSO = New Space Opera 

PSO = Pastiche Space Opera 

SSO = Spoof Space Opera 

TSO = Media Tie-In Space Opera 

XSO = Study Space Opera

EPR = Planetary Romance Elder 

MPR = Planetary Romance Modern 

NPR = Planetary Romance New

NF = Study Space Opera articles etc.

Second Position

N = Novel 

C = Collection 

A = Anthology 

M = Magazine 

O = Omnibus 

S = Short Story 

R = Serial 

X = Non-Fiction

Third Position

Rating out of 5 stars


XSO-X-4.5 Ackerman, Forrest J. : The Road To Rhodania  

SSO-N-5.0 Adams, Douglas : The Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy  

SSO-S-4.5 Adams, Douglas : The Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy  

SSO-N-3.0 Adams, Douglas : Life the Universe and Everything  

SSO-N-2.5 Adams, Douglas : Mostly Harmless  

SSO-N-4.0 Adams, Douglas : The Restaurant At the End of the Universe  

SSO-N-3.0 Adams, Douglas : So Long and Thanks For All the Fish  

SSO-S-4.0 Adams, Douglas : Young Zaphod Plays It Safe  

EPR-S-2.0 Adams, James R. : Crisis On Tian  

XSO-X-3.5 Adams, John Joseph : Federations Introduction  

NSO-A-3.5 Adams, John Joseph : Federations  

SSO-S-3.0 Adams, Pete and Charles Nightingale : Planting Time  

NSO-S-3.0 Aldiss, Brian : Aboard the Beatitude  

MSO-A-3.5 Aldiss, Brian : Galactic Empires Volume One  

ESO-A-3.5 Aldiss, Brian : Galactic Empires Volume Two  

ESO-O-3.5 Aldiss, Brian : Galactic Empires  

MSO-A-2.5 Aldiss, Brian : Space Opera  

ESO-S-4.0 Aldiss, Brian : T  

SSO-S-3.0 Aldiss, Brian : Ten Billion Of Them  

NSO-S-3.0 Ambroz, Angela : Greetings From Kampala  

XSO-X-4.5 Anders, Lou : Talking About Space Opera  

NSO-E-2.5 Anderson, C. L. : Bitter Angels 1  

NSO-S-3.5 Anderson, Kevin J. and Doug Beason : Prisons  

TSO-N-3.0 Anderson, Kevin J. : Jedi Search  

ESO-S-3.0 Anderson, Poul and John Gergen : Entity  

MSO-S-3.5 Anderson, Poul : Admiralty  

ESO-C-4.0 Anderson, Poul : Agent Of the Terran Empire  

ESO-C-3.0 Anderson, Poul : Agent of the Terran Empire  

ESO-S-3.0 Anderson, Poul : The Ambassadors Of Flesh  

ESO-S-3.5 Anderson, Poul : Among Thieves  

MSO-S-3.0 Anderson, Poul : Arsenal Port  

MSO-E-3.0 Anderson, Poul : The Boat Of A Million Years 1  

NSO-S-3.5 Anderson, Poul : The Burning Sky  

MSO-N-3.0 Anderson, Poul : A Circus Of Hells  

EPR-S-2.0 Anderson, Poul : The Corkscrew of Space  

MSO-C-4.0 Anderson, Poul : David Falkayn Star Trader  

MSO-S-3.5 Anderson, Poul : Day Of Burning  

MSO-S-3.0 Anderson, Poul : Deathwomb  

EPR-S-3.5 Anderson, Poul : Demon Journey  

EPR-S-4.0 Anderson, Poul : Duel On Syrtis  

MSO-E-3.0 Anderson, Poul : The Earth Book Of Stormgate 1  

MSO-C-3.0 Anderson, Poul : The Earth Book Of Stormgate 3  

MSO-C-3.5 Anderson, Poul : The Earth Book Of Stormgate  

ESO-C-2.5 Anderson, Poul : Earthman Beware! and Others  

ESO-N-3.5 Anderson, Poul : The Enemy Stars  

MSO-E-3.5 Anderson, Poul : Ensign Flandry 1-8  

MSO-N-3.5 Anderson, Poul : Ensign Flandry  

MSO-S-3.5 Anderson, Poul : Esau  

ESO-E-5.0 Anderson, Poul : Flandry Of Terra  

NSO-E-3.0 Anderson, Poul : The Fleet Of Stars 1  

NSO-E-3.0 Anderson, Poul : The Fleet Of Stars 1  

NSO-S-3.0 Anderson, Poul : The Fleet Of Stars  

MSO-N-3.0 Anderson, Poul : The Game Of Empire  

ESO-S-3.5 Anderson, Poul : The Game Of Glory  

NSO-N-3.0 Anderson, Poul : Genesis  

ESO-S-3.5 Anderson, Poul : Genius  

MSO-S-3.0 Anderson, Poul : Ghetto  

ESO-S-3.5 Anderson, Poul : A Handful Of Stars  

ESO-S-3.5 Anderson, Poul : The Helping Hand  

MSO-S-3.0 Anderson, Poul : Hiding Place  

MSO-N-3.5 Anderson, Poul : The High Crusade  

MSO-S-3.5 Anderson, Poul : High Treason  

MSO-S-3.0 Anderson, Poul : A Historical Reflection  

ESO-S-3.5 Anderson, Poul : Honorable Enemies  

MSO-S-3.5 Anderson, Poul : The Horn Of Time the Hunter  

ESO-S-3.0 Anderson, Poul : Hunters of the Sky Cave  

MSO-S-3.5 Anderson, Poul : In the Shadow  

MSO-S-3.0 Anderson, Poul : Introduction A Little Knowledge  

MSO-S-3.0 Anderson, Poul : Introduction Day Of Burning  

MSO-N-2.5 Anderson, Poul : A Knight Of Ghosts and Shadows  

MSO-N-3.0 Anderson, Poul : Let the Spaceman Beware!  

EPR-S-3.5 Anderson, Poul : Life Cycle  

MSO-S-3.0 Anderson, Poul : A Little Knowledge  

MSO-S-3.5 Anderson, Poul : Lodestar  

MSO-C-4.0 Anderson, Poul : The Long Night  

ESO-N-3.5 Anderson, Poul : The Long Way Home

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