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We've Got A Bit Of Love Hate (One Direction) EDITING!


"Hey, so, I'm off to bed, but if you need anything, my room is just down the hall. Good nigh..." Marie had opened the door to the bedroom I was in -my bedroom? Could I even call it that yet?- and currently stood at the doorway, a smirk on her lips. I bite my lip and turn around to face her, crushing the paper in my hand slowly, hoping it doesn't crinkle.


"Are you hiding something behind your back?"

"Why would I be hiding somethin-"

"Give it."

"Marie, there is nothing for me to give you!" She sighs dramatically, plucking a hairband from her wrist and quickly piling her hair into a bun at the top of her head.

"Well then, it looks like we'll have to do this the hard way, won't we?" Before I can ask her what she means, Marie is leaping into the air and tackling me to the ground, causing the note to be plucked away by the air. It floats for a few seconds before landing on the hard wood and Marie grins happily while I groan on the floor, trying to reach for note. She grabs it and sits on top of me to stop my squirming, her smile fading as she reads the note.


"Oh?" I parrot, wondering why she sounds so distraught.

"Well, he's asking you out, for tomorrow."


"And you can't go." She says simply, dropping the note and lifting herself off of me. I roll my shoulders back, checking if she broke any of my bones -because that girl looks as light as a feather but feels like a bulldozer- before picking the note off of the ground.

"Why not?"

"Because it's a date and dates with Harry lead to excessive flirting and well, you've never had a boyfriend, right? He'll probably just try to shag you and well... I don't want you getting hurt."

"Number one, you're right, but assuming things is rude. Number two, what's a shag?"

"Sex. He wants to have sex with you, and that's probably it. I'm sorry to tell you that, but it's true. I told you that before. He can be a really sweet guy but, commitments aren't his thing. One night stands are. You're better than that."

"He's your friend, though."

"Yeah, he is, but I'm also dating one of his best friends, airgo, he wouldn't try to sleep with me. I've been friends with Harry long enough to know how he operates, and it isn't exactly something you want to get involved with. He's a great friend, don't get me wrong, but when it comes to being a boyfriend, he prefers to just shag you and never speak to you again."

"He just wants to hang out at the park, Marie."

"It's never just that with Harry. He's going to end up hurting you, trust me."

"I can look out for myself, I've been doing it since I was fourteen."

"Because you had no other choice! You didn't have anyone to look out for you and tell you right from wrong, but you have me and my mum now."

"I don't need you." I say coldly, anger pulsing through my veins. Tell me right from wrong? What was I, five?

"Fine. But I warned you, alright? You're off of your rocker if you think Harry's going to be any different with you. Please, don't be stupid." She looks at me for a few more seconds before giving my hand a small squeeze, turning around, and heading off to her own bedroom. I hear the click of the door shutting and fall back on the large bed, wondering who was right in this situation.


I only slept for a handful of hours last night, feeling far too confused and worried and guilty. When I wasn't thinking about the hurt look on Marie's face after I told her I didn't need her, I was thinking about Harry. Wondering over and over again; to go, or not to go? Then I thought about my father, and all the other problems seemed so juvenile, so useless. I kept waking up, thinking that maybe it was all a twisted dream, that my dad was still alive, out on the streets drinking the days away, but alive. I had thought the same of my mother when she died as well, and that got me nowhere. They were both gone, and I had to accept that.

I kept trying to go to sleep, but it was to no avail. The sunlight from the window kept shining brightly and painfully, burning through my eyes. There was also the heavenly scent of pancakes floating through the cracks in the door, a scent I hadn't smelled in years.

I push the blankets off of my body and go into the bathroom, quickly brushing my teeth and slipping into a jean romper and a pair of sandals I found deep within the closet. I toss my wet hair up into a bun and head down the staircase, greeting Sophia in the kitchen.

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