The Lone Wolf's Song


Darkness engulfed the landscape

Amidst the cries of pain

The Lone Wolf Prowled the valley

As the sky darkened,

With the flavor of rain.

Vanishing hopes

Were finally gone

Up above through

Fading twilight.

As the Lone Wolf walked

All alone on the path

Of dark were-light.


Days extinguished

His soul burning

He walked alone

With his head

Never turning


Walking on the dark road

In his voluntary exile

With his shattered soul

Happiness deprived.

He tried to cope

But alas!

Not a glimpse of hope.


The wind rustles

As he stalks his prey

He must kill to live

That is his way.

Necessity done

Blood-lust satisfied

The lone wolf prowls along

As weaklings shake and hide.


He is the last warrior

Of eternal darkness

The last shadow one sees

Before taken by

Death’s embrace.


Heartless inside,

Neither good

Nor is he evil,

He lives to hunt

He lives to kill.


Destroyer, Protector

Jet Black in color

With eyes of burning gold

He walks a different path

That’s why he walks alone.


He needs no pack

He cares for only one

He strikes when he feels

He answers to none.

Mothered by Shadow,

Fathered by the night,

He stalks the mortal world

Under the were- light.


He is the hunter,

The spirit of the moonlit sky

The lone wolf of the Netherlands

The dark prince

With a heart of frozen ice.



On the road to nowhere

He saw a white horse

She is what he will never be

She had kindness, and for him

She felt only remorse.

He ignored the white horse

For her kindness,

He thought had no time.

He had no use.


Though he stung her, with his poison words

Though he threatened her, with his steel jaws

Although, at her, the wolf growled,

Though, with her, he fought;

In his mind, in pain, he was distraught.

Despite the risk of sudden death

She carried on,


Like a lone candle

Lighting up his lonely path

She slowly started healing

His wounds,

and slowly,

He again, started feeling.

Again, slowly

Found a new meaning.

The white horse…

With eyes of watery blue

She refused to give up.

When her mates said it was no use.


With kindness and quiet understanding

Never hindering

Always supporting

With soft laughter,

and ceaseles persisting.

She became his only company.

Healing him, was her only craving

She smiled in pride,

When he came back from the hunt.

While everyone shivered

She stared with kindness

At his eyes; as they burned.


While others ran in fear

As they heard him howl

She laughed with care

As he sang to the moon

And, to the fellow night owls.


Slowly, sadly

The wolf let the ice melt

He allowed her in his world

Started again,

Felling what he had once felt.

He now hunted

But only to see her smile

He hunted,

To be her pride.

He stopped singing to the moon,

Stopped singing to the owls,

He sang for her

While the owls hid in envy

And the moon scowled.

As the ice melted

The beating started again

With every new breath

He felt warmth in every vein.

The dark prince,

His oath forgotten

Put his shield down

And again,

Allowed his soul to weaken.

He asked the white horse

For what he though

was already his own

But alas!

Everything is not as it seems

She refused, in her own right

Healing him, she said,

was her only fight.

The wolf smiled,

And again

Started walking

On the dark road

As everything Again

Started freezing.

He walked again,

Alone in the night,

Becoming again,

What he once was

In his own right.

Again they hid in fear

Again they fled in fright.

The night owls returned

As the moon again

Decided to smile.


The lone wolf of the Netherlands

The dark prince of December nights

He walked again

The different path

With a heart of frozen ice.

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