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The Church Girl And The Thug



Chapter 5






I looked at the celling and drew invisible circles with my finger. I hate being on punishment. When I came home that day my parents were on me like a white on rice. They grounded me for a week. Simone was mad too about me ditching her but when I told her what happened lets just say she stopped. I haven't heard from Ramon all week and it sucks. I can't wait til tommorow when this punishment is OVER!




"Rose come down here!" my mom yelled from down stairs.




I huffed and dragged myself down stairs. I saw my mom next to the front door looking impatient. My mom can sometimes act like a spoil brat. As the preacher's wife my mom gets treated like she's a freaking queen. Don't get me wrong I love my mom but she can act like a rich bitch at times.



"Rose, Simone is here to talk to you. I'm cooking right now so go talk outside" she said and walked away. I walked outside on the porch and saw Simone rocking back and forth looking bored.



"Hey Mo, what's up?" I asked siting down on the porch swing.



She let out a huff and pointed towards a black car in the drive that I just now noticed. I looked closely at the car and saw that is was Ramon's. What was he doing here.



"What about it?" I asked confused.



"That boy has been asking non stop about you. Please talk to him so he can leave me alone!" she said in a fake exhausted voice. I just nodded and grinned and walked to the passengar side of the car. I got in the car and was hit by the cologne that Ramon always wears. He smelt so good I just wanted to snuggle in it.



"Well hello absent girlfriend" he said grinning. I blushed when he said girlfriend I still have to get use to that. He reached over and shorked my cheek with his thumb. 



"I love it when you blush" he said deeply. I blushed harder if possible.



He chuckled. "Why haven't you been answering my calls?" he said seriously.



"My mom took away my phone as a punshiment" I said pouting. 



"You better stop pouting before I bite your lips off." he whisphered in my ear. I immediately stopped. Why does he have to say things like that to me.




"I'm kidding babe. Now come over here and give daddy a kiss" I blushed when he said that but obeyed his order. He turned me so I was straddling him. He placed his hand under my skirt that I still had on from church and slipped his fingers in the side of my panty and massaged my inner thighs. He kissed me softly but I deepened the kiss wanting more. He licked my bottom lip for entrance and gladly opened up. Over tongues rolled around fighting for dominance and of course he won. He pulled back from the kiss and I whimpered from the loss which made him chuckle.




"You still sore from the other time?"



"Not really." 


He just smirked and said 'Good'. He kissed down my neck, to my shoulder, then my collar bone, then finally finding his way to the top of my breast.



When he reached for the hem of my shirt and prepared to pull it off I stopped him. "Ramon my parents are inside we can't do this." I said shyly. 




He grabbed my chin and crashed his lip to mine. "Please babe I need to be inside you" he said making me blush. I just nodded my head. I swear he going to be the death of me.




He grabbed my skirt and lifted it up and moved my panties out of the way. He started to rub my core softly, I felt like I was on cloud nine. But I was put back into reality when he inserted a finger. He pulled back then slammed back into me. I gasp from the sudden impact to my core. "Unbutton my pants baby" he said in my ear. I did what he said and pulled out his manhood. I think it got even bigger. I bit my bottom lip and blush at that thought. He reached in is back pocket and pulled out a condom. Once he had it on he lifted me up and slowly slid me down on his manhood to not hurt me. I moaned as he started to play with my breast. Once I was all the way down on his manhood he pulled back so now only the tip was at my entrance then suddenly he slammed back in. He repeated this and other positions over and over. 

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Michelle Trachtenbergas Rosey
Chris Brownas Ramon

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