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Caught (On Hold)


"GET OFF ME YOU SICK BASTARD!" I screech, pushing him away with an ice cold glare and hurt grimace on my face.

"Woah babe," he says smirking, "can't we just--"

"NO! NO! You understand NOTHING!" I spit at him. God...some people just can't learn their lesson! "Riley," I'm really trying to be calm but my voice is still shaky and I'm trembling because of all the anger that he's built up inside of me, "I trusted you and when I thought that it came time for us to be...together," I grimace at the word, horrified that I had ever thought I could be with him, "you proved me wrong. What you did is unforgivable."

"C'mon, we were young Angeline! It was an honest mistake!"

"An honest mistake?!Tears of madness are running down my cheeks, how dare he say all of what went down was a "mistake"?! 

"How is spiking my drink with date rape drugs and getting me pregnant an honest mistake?"

"I never used date rape--"

"Oh yes you did!" I laugh like a mad man, "you did! You confessed!"

His olive skin pales in the slightest and I see sweat start to form on his forehead. His hands fly to together and he's now playing with his thumbs, the idiot.

"That was...I know we were--"

"We were what Riley?" I ask, exasperated. And mad. His feeble attempt to convince me wasn't working and I was afraid he's move on to...other matters.

"We were young! And you were trying to seduce me Angeline! You were! With that pretty little dress and your hair all done up! Let's face it! You would have gotten me into bed anyway! We all know it! With how you were gulping down that wine...." He furrows his eyebrows and trains his eyes on the floor, shuffling his feet a little to make him seem sort of cute, in a mad little boy way.

I scoff and place my pointer and middle finger on my temple to massage them. How was this going to work out? I mean...he had gotten me pregnant and then BARGES in here to tell me he's sorry and he wants us to be together! I mean...who does that?

"Where is she?" He asks softly.

At first I have no idea what he's talking about, and then I sigh madly, "no."


"You are not seeing Lillian!" I spit at him, fuming.

"Why?!" He screams, outraged, "I have just as much right as you do! I'm her father!"

"Yes! Her father who didn't want her and hasn't been here for her first three years of life! You bailed on her!"

"Where is she?" 

"Listen--she's at my aunt and uncles. She's been there a lot..." I felt bad for not thinking about her for a while, it was just that I had a lot on my mind with Elle May and all thi Catching stuff going on...I made a mental note to myself to pick her up that night so that she could maybe see Riley and for sure meet Demetri and Shiloh.

"Why?" He whispers, obviously devastated.

"Because," I sigh, confused, "there's been a lot of drama..."

We stand there until my injured head starts to throb and I can't take it anymore. I march out of the small room and through a couple other rooms right into the kitchen to get an icepack. After I put it on my head, I look over and see Tylarius and Salazar standing directly behind me, watching my every move. Wonderful. Scream/growling, I stormed up to my room and jumped onto my bed. I wanted to cry but I didn't. I just sat there, mad as hell. Waiting for Shiloh or Demetri to come up and comfort me. 

Just as I suspected, Demetri soon came into my room, sat on my bed and held my hand. He was giving me the best thing he could...silence. This day had been so loud and stressful that I just wanted half an hour alone with someone I loved. Something quiet. 

It was like he could read my mind because he did exactly what I wanted, when I wanted it.

Of course, after about half an hour, my dad came into the room, giving Demetri an excuse to leave. He sat as if I had invited him to and sighed.

"We have quite an arrangement."

I nod my head, biting my lower lip, hard. Go away, go away! I chant silently in my head, hoping he'll somehow receive the message and leave.

Naturally, he didn't get it and sat there chatting away about how I'll be happy with who I end up with because they're all wonderful and blah, blah, blah. Pretty much everything I was dreading to hear, was flowing out of his mouth at a constant rate.

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