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The Last Feather (Editing)


“I’m sorry my Queen, but it seems that Sera forgot something. Something very important.” Xaiver stood and increase his masculine voice enough to be heard by the crowd. “Ladies and Gentlemen, I, Xaiver Xeer dela Vernierre, will present to you Sera Zaneika dela Vernierre..



“..My wife and currently the princess of the Vampireon Clan.” He grinned at me. Everyone gasped and for a second, they knelt before me, even the QUEEN. I’m speechless. I never thought that Xaiver was this powerful and famous. He walked towards to me, creatures gave way. His hand slowly caressed my pink hair and move closer to my ear until I can hear his breathing. “You shouldn’t ran away, you know.” He whispered and gently held my chin. I tried to move but for some reason, I was frozen in my place. DARN! He looked at me in the eyes then to my lips. He leaned closer and then kissed me. He put his arms around me and hugged me as if I was lost for a long time.  I closed my eyes and suddenly everything came back. My past..


                The door opened and a man with black hair and gray eyes entered. “Daddy!” a girl for about 12 years old with pink hair and gray eyes full of happiness smiled and threw a hug on her daddy. “Hey baby girl! Miss me?” He grinned at her. “Dad, I’m not a baby anymore. I’m a grown up see?!” she twirled as her sparkling blue dress swayed with her. “Yes you’re a grown up, but for me? You’re still my little Sera.” He giggled as he pinched her nose. They both laughed.

            “You guys are having a goodtime eh? C’mon dinner’s ready. Better not be late ‘cause the last one will be in charge for washing the dishes today!” A woman with pink hair and shining black eyes shouted laughingly from the kitchen. My dad and I exchange looks then raced to the dining room. He got first and mom was already seated so I will be the one in charge for washing the dishes today. “Unfair!” I said and crossed both of my arms then pouted. After a few seconds, we laughed. We prayed and started our dinner. We talked while eating, how our day went and stuffs. We’re happy about our life .. until that one night.

                It was Saturday night so we’re having a family movie marathon. We’re eating popcorns, chocolates, ice creams and drinking soda. That’s our family bonding. In the middle of the show, we heard voices outside. At first we didn’t mind until it grew louder. “Going to check it out.” Dad finally said. Then he went out, for a moment we we’re silent, trying to eavesdrop on the commotion outside. We didn’t understand what we’re they saying. ‘Maybe some foreigners who we’re lost on their way’ I thought. Then, they became silent and I looked at mom. She just shrugs. Just then, the door slammed and dad burst in, fear in his eyes. I’ve never saw dad this afraid. “Esra, take Sera to the tribe. They will protect her there.” He ordered my mom, panic in his voice. My mom gave him the ‘why-look’ then he replied, “They have found us.”


                In just a blink of an eye, mom and I hit the road. She drives so fast, and that means we’re in a serious trouble. “Mom, what was going on? Please answer me.” I started to panic too. “Don’t worry my sweetie, it will be okay.” She tried to sound calmly but there is the trail of terror in her voice. I became silent, eyes on the road. She got her cell phone and dialed someone. I can’t hear her, but I’m pretty sure that it’s an emergency call.  But then, white silhouette pass in front of our car, shadows behind chasing us. “Crap!” Mom mumbled. She stopped the car and looked at me. Her shining black eyes were full of worry. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tightly. “Sweetie, you know how much we love you. You’re the best daughter we’ve ever had.” She started crying. “Baby, we don’t have much time. Please be safe.. No, TRY to be safe. Run as fast as you could and get far away from here. Remember, that we love you so much.” She kissed me on the forehead. “But mom! What about you and dad?! I just can’t leave you behind!” I said, as I started to cry. “We’re sorry, baby. For giving you a life like this. But we don’t have time! Wait, for my signal then run. Please no more questions. We love you!” She replied then get out of the car. She unsheathed a silver dagger and slashed the shadows. When the shadows disappeared, she thumbs up signaling to run. “I Love you mom. I love you dad” I whispered as I ran away from this place.

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Chapter 8: Reminisce of the Past

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