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A Servant for a Mate



Chapter 14 – Handsome Blue Eyes


Stretching my stiff body out, I turn over to lay on my stomach. The moment I hit solid rock my eyes fly open. This was hot solid rock; as in a body of pure muscle.


“Sweetheart I know we have had some rough patches, but that doesn’t mean you have to hit me like that. All I want to do is cuddle with my beautiful mate,” a husky voice whispered next to me. His warm breathe blowing against my neck, shoots a delicious shiver down my spine.  


Lifting my head, I come to see bright blue eyes shining back at me. At first I wanted to freak out, but when I realized who the voice and body belonged to, I felt myself relax. I wasn’t sure if it was my own doing or his. It could have been the hand that was rubbing up and down my arm. That was probably it. Mates have the tendency to calm each other down with a brush of a hand.


“Baby? Are you ok? Do I need to get you anything? Water? Food?” I felt his desperation and anxiety as his body tensed up against mine.


While he was asking his many questions he had shifted me to the point my chin was leaning on his chest as half my body laid on top of his. I felt as if my body was on fire. It spread across every inch of me until I couldn’t take it. If I didn’t try and cool myself off, I felt I would surely die.


Doing what I’ve wanted to do for years, I lean up on my right elbow; bringing my face up to his. I couldn’t help myself from staring into his perfect blue gems. The color perfect to get lost in and that’s exactly what I’ve always wanted to do.


My body wanted more and so did I. Not paying attention to what he was thinking, I took the last two inches between our lips and threw them to the wind. Closing my eyes, I melt against his chest as the sensations blow through me. My lips on his turned the heat up in my veins. It did nothing to cool my body down.


I didn’t want soft and slow, what I wanted was the complete opposite. And that’s what he gave me.


His hands and arms took seconds to take control. Wrapping them around my waist, he flipped us. My body sunk in the mattress as his covered it. Our lips never once coming undone. 


Raising his head from mine, I unconsciously let out a small whimper.


That earned a delicious smile from my handsome mate.


“You didn’t need water or food; all you wanted was a kiss.” If I thought his voice was husky when I first woke up, I was dead wrong.


My face headed up at his words. The kiss did nothing to help the fire burning inside me. I wasn’t ashamed of kissing him. For once I did something I’ve always wanted to do. He is my mate after all; I do have the right to kiss him when I want to. Right?


Sighing he pushed himself off of me. “I’m sorry if I embarrassed you, my love. It wasn’t my intention.” His hand lightly brushed a lose piece of hair off my face. “And to answer your question, yes you have the right to kiss me any time you have the urge. Believe me; now that we have marked each other as ours, I intend to kiss you every chance I get.”


An evil smirk played across those perfect lips of his. Ones that I wanted to taste again. One small kiss wasn’t enough. We had eight years to make up for.


“And I plan on kissing you enough times to make up for those years lost,” he purred against my ear.


I forgot he could hear me, but I had no time to think on it as he rolled back onto me and kissed me senseless. This time it wasn’t hard and urgent; this time his chapped lips caressed mine. Gasping when I felt the tip of his tongue graze my bottom lip. He took full advantage of it.


Reaching my hands up to his head, I trail my fingers through his morning hair. I wanted him to know, that I didn’t want slow and steady, he didn’t listen to my silent pleas.


His tongue gently slid into my mouth as mine was stuck. I had never kissed like this and I honestly had no idea what to do. The next thing I knew his tongue was attacking mine and all I could think of was dominating him and that’s what I tried to do, but fail miserably.


I was completely lost in the heat of the moment that when he finally broke apart for air, I came to notice my legs were wrapped around his waist.

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