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You Complete Me



Chapter Five




Wednesday was officially another word for hell.

The day didn’t go by without me passing at least ten people who happened to be giving me pitying looks and some strangers were actually waving and talking to me. I hated it. I hated that they saw me like some weakling – which I probably was but that was not the point. I had gone through the day with clenched teeth, trying to forget what had happened two days ago but it seemed impossible when the whole damn school was determined to make me remember.

“Hey Tyler!” A smallish girl with her blonde hair in pigtails bounced up to meet me.

I have never set eyes upon her in my entire existence.

I managed a weak grin, “hey.”

I glanced at Tyson who just shrugged like it wasn’t his problem. Ass wipe.

“I heard what happened and I just want you to know that if you ever need a friend or anything that I’m available. My name’s Rebecca by the way.”

I smiled painfully. “Thank you. I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Hey Tyson!”


And with that she was off, bouncing down the corridor.

I had to clench my fists to keep myself from gnashing my teeth together. My jaw was already aching from doing it. I appreciated it all, all the attention and concern but I hated pity. I hated it with a damn passion and at least ninety per cent of the school was pitying me.

Oh poor weak Tyler. He can’t handle all this on his own. Have you seen how small he is? Look at those little arms!

I was brought back to earth when Tyson started chuckling beside me. I was sure he knew what I’d been thinking about.

“Shut up,” I hissed at him but I couldn’t help the grin that touched my lips.

School was over and Tyson and I were waiting for Charlie, Jane and Giovannie. We were going to hang out at our place for the rest of the day, seeing as we didn’t have much homework and none of us had better things to do.

Yesterday had been a long day.

I had tried unsuccessfully to forget about the hot kisses I had shared with my twin. It had proved a difficult task but I had tried. I’d realized much to my dismay that I might love Tyson a lot more than I showed. Tyson had also pretended it didn’t happen, which personally made me feel worse, but I guessed it was for the best, I mean, where was it even going to lead?

 Ugh, there I go! Thinking about it again.

I glanced at Tyson, who happened to glance at me and we both blushed a furious red and turned our gazes away quickly. My heart started thumping over drive and I knew instantly that he was thinking about the exact same thing I’d been thinking of a second ago.

Damn me and my twin intuition!


I nearly jumped out of my skin. In the end, I poured my fear out my smacking Charlie in the chest. “You fool! You frightened me!”

He laughed, rubbing the spot on his chest that I had hit, “that’s the point, isn’t it?”

I rolled my eyes. “Let’s go outside, guys. Giovannie and Jane will catch up.”

The three of us made it outside with Tyson and I having Charlie in our middle. I had done it on purpose because standing beside my twin was becoming tedious. I wanted to slide my fingers into his hair and feel those lips pressed against –

“Are you even listening to me fool?”

Charlie snapped his fingers in front of my face and I blinked quickly. “Sorry, zoned out for a second. What were you saying?”

To my surprise, Charlie blushed, “never mind.”

I raised an eyebrow, grinning and preparing my teasing skills. “You’re blushing! Tell me everything this instant!”

“No. Get away from me.”

He tried to run from me but I ran after him and finally caught him at the bottom of the stairs leading to our school. I had a firm grip on the bottom of his shirt and he knew if he moved forward, it would rip.

Oh yeah. Let’s see you run now cow.

I giggled to myself at the stupidity of that sentence. “Well? Are you telling me or not? Are you seeing someone? Attracted to someone perhaps?”

“No,” he replied a little too quickly, raising my suspicions.

I frowned. Charlie was interested in someone? I didn’t know someone else in school had come out. But then again, after ninety per cent of the school had stood up for my bullying, it was rumoured that some boys and girls had flown out of the closet in rainbow suits, ‘I AM GAY’ painted colourfully on their foreheads – not literally of course.

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