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They Say Love Hides Behind Every Corner. I Must Be Walking In Circles!

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 They Say Love Hides Behind Every Corner. I Must Be Walking in Circles.

 Chapter 1


"Shay, are you willing to take one for the team, and make a complete fool out of yourself?" Coach Briggs asked, turning her body so she was facing me.

"Okay!" I said immediately. Embarrassing situations, awkward situations, and just plain weird situations were my forte. If you spent so much as a few minutes with me, you'd get why. I'm not exactly the most "normal" person, if you catch my drift. But I don't think I would want to be. "Normal" people are so boring. Just take a look at Jasmine! (Don't tell her I said that. She'll have my head on a stake).

My eyes widened as she told me the plan, and a wide grin spread across my face. This was going to be great! I probably should have been a little nervous, because what she was explaining to me would most likely mean that I would never live this down. Again, the "normal" concept came up. If I were a "normal person", I would be worried about what people might think. But since I wasn't, the idea of this was absolutely fascinating and thrilling to me. I couldn't wait to try it out.

I went out onto the familiar, gold and blue basketball court, and stared at the scoreboard. It was the fourth quarter, and the score was:

Home: 45 Guest: 47

Then I looked at the time left.


Crap. If we were going to win this, my distraction had to be perfect. Perfect, I tell you, perfect!

"Okay, you ready?" asked Amanda. I didn't even notice she was standing right there. Ooh... maybe she had magical powers that made her appear out of what appears to be nowhere, but she and I know it was actually somewhere... In my mind, anything was possible.

"Yep!" I exclaimed happily. "Readier than I'll ever be!"

The ref blew his whistle and we got in our positions. We were playing our enemies, the Ridgeway Falcons. They were pressing us, which was just perfect for my distraction. They wouldn't see it coming. I stationed myself on the enemies' side of the court, where they were shooting, and where the ball was being thrown in. Coach gave me a You-Better-Not-Mess-This-Up look. I nodded, signaling I was ready. It was our ball, and no sooner had I realized that, the ref blew his whistle again. That was my cue. I got on all fours, and started barking as loud as my lungs would possibly allow me to.


By now, everyone in the gym was at the very least staring at me, if not laughing, as well. But could you blame them? This isn't an everyday sight, and had I not been the one doing it, I would have laughed, too. But it wasn't because I was embarrassed that I didn't want to laugh. I couldn't laugh. I was too busy barking my butt off.


The distraction worked. Our star shooter, Emily Cranes, came up and shot her three-pointer. She was given a couple seconds to relax, ensuring the shot. The buzzer sounded loudly, shaking the gym for a moment, just as the ball went Swoosh.

We won! Wahoo!

I got up, dusted off my knees with one arm, and ran on the other foot. This didn't quite work out. I ended up tripping and falling, skinning my knee. "Mother-" The only thing that stopped me from saying it was the disapproving glare I got from one of the mom's that was there to cheer us on.

I quickly looked down, very tempted to give her the finger, but resolving against it, instead walking over to the huddle and grinning as Coach exclaimed, "Shay, that was perfect! I knew I could count on you for that."

And it was true. I was probably the only person on the team that would have dared to do that without so much as a bit of persuasion. We just stood there talking and laughing for a minute, before an exasperated Ref blew his whistle angrily and shouted, "Come on, the game is over! It's time to shake hands with the other team."

We had completely forgotten about the poor losers! Hey, these people are our rivals, okay? I would think I was allowed to call them losers, number one, because they just LOST, and number two, because I HATE them. They're butt-wipes.

Nevertheless, with only a small frown on my face, I went along with the rest of my teammates to shake hands with those damned Falcons. As soon as I shook hands with the coach, who trailed behind the players, I ran off. But I did catch the death glare and the profanity he sent my way. And it wasn't nice.

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Chapter 1


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