Katniss and peeta~Maybe Baby!

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Hey guys!!!!! It's me kk! Anyways, this is my first ever story! Let's see how it goes. Tell me what you think, and don't forget to fan me or vote!!! oh yeah and i dedicated this story to jordy jago because i never would have been here on wattpad.com. i saw her "Child of the Mockingjay" novel cover. i imedetly wante to read it but first i had to go to wattpad.com. when i did, i learned what wattpad was, and i wanted to be apart of it. Thus, katniss and peeta~maybe baby! lol. thank you so much jordy, you rock! Byez byez!  



     I'm awoken bye Peeta, shaking the bed. I open my eyes and look up at him. He's sitting at the edge of the bed rubbing his head. He's all sweaty. He looks down at me, his blue eyes glowing in the light of dawn. "sorry, did I wake you?" he says starting to lay back down. "it's ok. What's the matter?" I ask. "oh, um just nothing..." he says looking down again. "peeta?" I say squeezing his hand. "it was just a nightmare katniss." he says sheepily. I start to hug him but I can't to well. My fat belly is in the way! I'm almost 9 months pregnant now, and I hate the feeling. I get so depressed when I stand up, look down, and I can't even see my own feet! Instead I lie next to him and lean my head on his chest. I can feel him smiling. He pulls a blanket over the 2 of us and wrapps an arm around me. He's humming Rue's lullaby when I doze off. 

     The sunlight from the window awakens both of us. I rise to pull the curtains over it but I can't. I'm too darn pregnant and fat! Peeta does it for me and he sits up next to me, fiddeling with my hair. "want some breakfast?" he whispers. "sure, but um, I can't really get out of bed on my own." I say embarrassed. He smiles and helps me out of bed. I waddle to the kitchen clutching his hand. He sits me at the kitchen table, then suddenly, I feel guilty. He has to do all of the work now that I'm pregnant. "peeta, I want to help you with breakfa-" I'm cut off as the sharpest pain I've ever had runs through me.  

     " OW!!!!" I can't help but scream and cry. It hurts so badly I can't even explain it! I fall off the chair and onto the cold kitchen tile on my back crying. "Katniss?! Are you ok?!!" peeta rushes over to me. He try's to help me up, but the pain doubles as I try and stand. "Ow peeta! Stop it your hurting me!" I say tears flooding down my face. "katniss, what's wrong?!" he says looking at me straight in the eye. 

     I look at his face. He looks so concerned and nervous. I've finally realized what's wrong with me. I rub my belly, then look at peeta. "peeta," I say calmly.

     "I think the baby is on the way."


:O k guys tell me what you think!!!! Byez byez!  


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Jennifer Lawrenceas katniss
Josh Hutchersonas peeta

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