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Julia began to panic; she knew how much this table meant to her aunt and how much trouble she’d get in if she didn’t fix it. She picked up the brass handle and tried her best to fix it and after three tries, the handle finally fit back into place. “Finally.” Julia let out a breath and began to stand up, deciding it was best to walk away now, but she couldn’t. How could she? There was just something pulling her towards the drawer. She was curious, really curious of what exactly was held within the small drawer compartment. Of course it could be nothing and she was getting her hopes up but there was just something, a feeling, an instinct of sorts, that didn’t quite have a name. 

After much hesitation, Julia's hand stretched out as she slowly and delicately pulled open the drawer. Only an inch at first as Julia slowly peered inside. Her eyes caught the edge of  something and a small smile crept across her face. There was definetly something in there and now it was time to find what exactly this something was. One deep breath later Julia carefully, with her ears pricked up (just in case someone was coming), she began to tug at the handle. This time more carefully so she didn’t break the handle again.

“Here goes nothing.” Julia looked down and her smile grew wider. There was an object, a rectangular shaped object to be more precise. It seemed like a book only there was no writing on the cover. It was completely blank. Julia carefully ran her fingers on the cover, not picking it up but just tracing the tips of her finger's over the leathery texture. ‘Maybe I could just peek inside, aunt Joanne won’t notice will she?’ a voice played in the back of Julia’s mind ‘Yes she will, this doesn’t belong to you, Julia. Walk away,’ another voice advised.

She didn’t want to but of course she had to. She stood up taking a deep breath. Looking away, Julia placed her hand on the handle and went to push the draw back in. She was disappointed with herself, she wanted to open the book but she couldn’t. It wasn’t hers and before a thought could enter her mind she pushed the draw in only... it wouldn’t budge. She looked down to see what was wrong but the sight that met her eyes  caused them to turn to saucers. Julia fell to her knees. This couldn’t be happening!

The book had writing. That was impossible, absolutely impossible! Julia blinked a few times to make sure she wasn’t seeing things. That wasn’t there before and she was 100% sure of it. Julia's heart acted quicker than her mind as her hand reached further into the desk, gripping the book and picking it up ever so delicately, like handling a piece of china. She had to examine it now. No matter what her brain told her to do.

The words that had appeared were golden; they complemented the brown leathery background perfectly and definitely stood out.

The Keepers Book

That’s what the letters read, followed by:

Property of Blackwell’s

 Along the bottom in smaller print.

Blackwell’s? She was a Blackwell so she had the right to have this book, since she too was a Blackwell meaning this book was rightfully her’s. That little note made her a feel a lot more confident about what she was doing, which of course was snooping but technically if it was something that belonged to her it wasn’t snooping… right?

All these thoughts ran through her mind but Julia Blackwell was far too stubborn to listen to her thoughts so instead she followed her heart. Ever so carefully, ever so slowly, Julia Blackwell opened the book.

In that second a tremor rumbled, shaking the floor, causing the book to drop to the floor. ‘What the hell’ that single line was the first thought to enter the 15 year old's mind as the world around her began to fall apart. Objects hit the floor and shelves toppled over one another. She tried to scream but no words came and she fell. Into what, she had no idea and how, it happened far too quickly to register.