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Chapter 12;

"You mean that you guys actually wear this shit?" I asked as I pressed my fingers to the glass tube that held our 'uniforms'.

Dr. Miles chuckled and slid her hand over a panel which opened the rubes up. Bella raced over to a rube that held her uniform. It had some kind of special material that allowed her to pass through objects without losing her clothes. The fabric  becomes invisible with her,  so other Gifted Ones couldn't look at her chest through her clothes. Her uniform was a deep blue with long sleeves, tight around the neck, was attached to her pants which also connected to her socks, her shoes were light weight and dark as night, a spot by each of her elbows and thighs were black but the rest was the same deep blue. At the back laid a hood which formed tightly over her eyes, leaving only her mouth and tip of her nose out in the open. Her hands were covered by dark gloves and a belt hung loosely at her waist.

"Don't you love it!" she squeaked. I simply nodded and tried not to show my disgust at such strange outfits. Maybe if they were made of cloth it would be different but hers looked more rubber like than fabric.

Dr. Miles showed off her retired look. Since she was good with computers and books I suspected, many wires and complicated stuff, I was mostly right. Her outfit was a dark purple that seemed almost black. It had the same black patches that Bella's had but hers seemed to have wires running through them. Her shirt was V-neck styled and the opening reached to her belly button. Wires ran through the opening and I imagined they were once lit up with lights, back in her glory days that is. The pants were tight and seemed to be shaped to her frame. She could probably fit into it still, if she tried that is. Her shoes seemed like combat boots, but heavier. She said it was because the chargers for the wires were in the shoes, since I didn't have a better answer I left it alone. Unlike Bella's uniform, Dr. Miles' didn't have a hood. Instead her face was completely open to the elements. Her hands were more protected then her head, fingerless gloves on her hands. 

Cooper's uniform was dark green with the same black patches. His hands were only covered by a pair of brass knuckles on his right hand. The sleeves seemed to have been cut off and the shirt was turned into a mussel shirt. Also in Cooper's glory days. I'm  glad he's retired from it, no man of his age should wear that kind of shirt. The shoes were a dark brown,  not quiet black, and looked like military boots. 

Ben's uniform was the same color as Coopers. My guess was because Cooper was training him to take his place, they were both up tight, hard asses after all. The uniform was probably a replica of Cooper's before he altered it. Middle length sleeves, brass knuckles, and brown combat boots. Ben's was slightly different. He had a turtle neck that could be pulled up to cover his lips and nose, two holes were cut for this purpose, and a beanie that covered the rest of his head. As for any other differences, only his weapons and their containers changed the outfit. 

At first Austin was reluctant to show me his uniform but he gave up. It was one of the few that looked decent and it gave me hope that mine wasn't going to look all that bad. His was mostly black with red patches, dark red gloves, shoes that were ten times his size, a heavy belt, and a cover that went over his mouth. 

"Why does all of your shit either stretch or be ten times your size?" I wondered as I picked at the fabric which was strangely soft. 

His face heated and turned tomatoe red.

I made a face, but then answered the question myself. "Because of the whole 'rawr, I turn ten times my size and grow sharp fangs and my eyes glow red' shit right?" 

Bella's palm met her face and Ben just looked at me like I was nuts. Cooper and Dr. Miles were to busy with something in the back to notice my comment.

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Chapter 12


Kerli Koivas Danny Janeway
Anna Popplewellas Bella Clay
Tyler Poseyas Ben
Amanda Tappingas Amanda Miles
Richard Dean Andersonas Ronald Cooper
Matt Bomeras Austin Caverly

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