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Related to the Carrot King (a one direction fan fiction)

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Hope you guys like this! It's my first 1D fanfic, so tell me what you think! I was trying to be creative with the idea and since no one has done this yet (as far as I know), I thought I'd try it. 

Please don't copy this. I worked hard to come up with the idea. I don't own any of the 1D boys, but the story line is mine, and all the carecters except one direction are mine. So ya, don't copy. Thanks. 


I step into my home. Correction, foster home. I was left at the hospital the day I was born. No one ever claimed me, my parents didn’t even bother to name me. I was told they snuck out the night I was born. No one knows who they are; when the hospital did a background check turned out there was no one who had the same names as my parents living in the area. So the hospital named me, Hillary Rachel. They gave me the last name Jones but that’s so boring! I have lived in foster families my whole life and the only one I liked was the one I lived at from birth to the age of 8. I was the only kid they fostered, and I loved them like real parents. But they died in a car crash while I was at school. Since then I have lived in 7 different foster homes. I normally stay about a year and a half. I’m not a trouble maker, just I keep on getting stuck with either druggies, abusers, or people that already have 12 kids. The one I’m at now is one of the better homes I’ve been in. I’ve been here for almost two years. There are 3 other kids, all under the age of 10. I’m 16, so my foster parents expect me to help out a lot. Really, the parents aren’t bad but the kids drive me crazy. I refer to them as my sisters because it’s easier than explaining about the whole foster thing. Natalie, the oldest is 10. She is asian and this is her first home. She wakes up screaming in the night because she saw her parents murdered. She spends most of her days watching tv refusing to talk to anyone. She has been here for almost a year. Penny is 6 and cute, but likes to get everything dirty. She literally rolls in the mud and then goes and lies all over the couch. She has been here longer than me. Stephanie, who is 3 is my favorite though. She cries all the time for “mummy” and “daddy”. She was orphaned only a few months ago, so I feel bad for her. She only eats orange and brown food because her favorite holiday is halloween. Worst of all, she clutches to me like a leech. It’s like she’s afraid that if she let’s me go, she will never see me again. She even insists on sleeping in my bed. I make her sleep on the floor on two pillows that I push together with a blanket on top of her. It’s cruel, but someday I’ll leave and she’ll have to manage without me. Plus, my bed is small enough as it is. But I love them all because I know they can all use a little bit of proof that someone is looking out for them. 

I walk over to the fridge and pull out a few carrots. I cut them up and snack on them for a while. It’s weird, but I absolutely love carrots. I turn on the TV and watch one direction play on stage. They are the cutest band ever, my favorite is Niall. I love his cute accent! Well I guess they all have cute accents, I would know. I was born in England but my first foster parents took me over to Canada. Then I was brought back here after they died. I play with Stephanie and do my homework. 

“Someone’s at the do-or!” Penny yells. She likes to look out the window and watch for people. Just then the doorbell rings. 

“Be right back Steph” I say ruffling her strawberry blonde hair. 

“Can I answer it?” Penny yells. 

“No” I yell back. “You’re not allowed.”

I run and open the door. On it stands a man in a black suit. He has dark sunglasses and a large build. He looks like a body guard. I hear Penny standing behind me, and I close the door just a bit. I find the man intimidating. 

“Hello, are you Hillary Jones?” the man asks. 

I nod, “who are you?”

He smiles, “I need you to come with me.”

I shake my head, “I can’t. I have sisters to take care of, and I don’t know who you are.”

“I am one of One Direction’s three main body guards”. He explains. 

I start freaking out, “Oh My God One Direction? Are they in that limo? Oh My God but why? I’ve never even gone to one of their concerts, how do you even know me?”
He smiles, “yes, they are in the limo behind me, and one of them is dying to meet you. But I have a lot of explaining to do. May I come in if you won’t come out?”

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Chapter 1 - Related to Louis ... Tomlinson?


Abigail Breslinas Hallie Tomlinson (Hillary Jones)
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