daddy kink ( daddyxdaughter) ( harry styles)



I have always loved my daughter people think alittle to much but nothings too much for my baby. her mom left us when she was 2 so im a single father it sucks sometimes but now that shes 7 its alittle bit easier I don't have to give her a bottle aha its early moring and she comes bouncing down the stairs in one of my shirts but it looks like a dress on her I laugh as she walked over to me

BABY: daddy whatcha makin'?

I laugh and I pick her up sitting her on the counter touching her privet area alittle causing my dick to twitch I shook my head and bit my lip as I finally got a good look at my baby she was wearing my shirt like I said and her mop of curly hair was strighend down consitedinf she went to a friends house for a birth day party last night, and I don't know why but I just had the urge to kiss her and touch her I sighed and contuined making pancakes

ME: how did you sleep baby?

BABY: good daddy I havnt slept that good I a while

I laugh and she makes the cutiest little giggle i ran a hand through her hair as she smiled brightly at me

ME: hey baby why don't you grab a plate for me

she nods and stands up on the counter and turns around and she pulled down too plates ( plastic ) i bit my lip as i get a good look at her body i know this is wrong but at the moment i didn't give two flying flips about it i felt myself starting to get hard i finished the pancakes and she gave me her plate as we ate i had to keep messing with my pants i gave her a box of apple juice and i watched as her tounge when around the straw trying to get one last drop how small plumb lips ran up and down the straw i moaned softly and she looked up at me giving me a questioning look i shook it off and put the plates away i sat on the couch and i heard her running in i smiled she was still wearing my shirt and i didn't want to tell her to take it off she jumped on my lap her private hitting my hard i moaned as she continued to jump up and down on it the moaning got louder

BABY: daddy am i hurting you?

ME: n-no baby just keep doing what your doing

she nods and she contuines to jump i put my hands on her waist to help her she brushes past my dick every second making me want her even more

i knew this is wrong but i just didn't want it to stop. finally i got my common sense back and i picked her up and sat her on the couch next to me

BABY: daddy did i hurt you

ME: no baby its just that i uh think you should go get ready

BABY: but daddy

ME: ok ok you can stay in your pj's for alittle bit

i smiled at her and she jumped on my lap kissing my check so close to you lips she rapped her legs around my waist i don't think she knew what she was doing but at the time i didn't care i finally crashed my lips into hers she was frozen for a seound before she slowly started to kiss me back she  raped her arms around my neck and i put mine around her waist. i just couldn't help it she was just so damn perfect i felt her get wet i smirked she pulled away

BABY; daddy am wet!

ME: i know baby do you want daddy's help?

BABY: yes daddy please

i smirked and i layed her down on the couch her small little body laying there turned me on so much i pulled down my pants and her eyes grew wide smirked and went up to her ear whispering in my "sexy" voice

ME: daddy's gonna make you feel better baby

she nodded and i kissed her small neck giving her small love bits claming her as mine i started grinding on her and she moaned

BABY: ohh daddy

hearing this made me want to put it in her even more now but  i want her to beg first

ME: do you want daddy inside of you baby?

BABY: yes daddy

ME: do you want me to take the wetness away from you baby?

she nodded moaning i smirked kissing down her chest after removing my shirt. i got down to her lower regions and started eating her out she moaned and screamed in pleaser

BABY: ohh daddy yeahhh mmh right there

i sat up and i put it in her she screamed at first once the new found object was in her but after i started moving my hips pushing in and out of her slowly at first then going faster and faster i knew i was about to cum and i could feel her wanting to

BABY: ohhhh daddy

i knew she was reaching her high

ME; that's right baby scream my name

BABY: daddy mmh

ME: shitttt baby

i cumed all inside of her i didn't want to get off of her so i layed on her not wanting to crush her kissing her on the lips again filled with passion and lust

ME: mmh baby how did that make you fell

BABY; that made me feel so much better daddy

ME: now baby you can never tell anybody ok ?

BABY: ok daddy

i started grinding on her again and to my surprise she grinded back i moaned she moaned i got off her to her disappointment and sliped my skinny jeans back on and i put her shirt on her again kissing her neck as she moaned i knew i got her sweet spot so i just kept my lips atrtiched there once i pulled away she ran up stairs to her room to play with her dolls i watched her walk away her hips swaying from side to side made me hard again then my sense came back

ME: did i just have sex with my 6 year old daughter.. oh fuck..

yes so that was just the first chapter but i think this is going to be just a one shot ( sorry) come back and ill have more maybe with the other boys ;) hope you liked it

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