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[In Naruto?!]


Buahahaha~ I have finally gotten around to typing this plot bunny that has been haunting my brain for weeks! Months even! (maniacal laugh)


[In Naruto?!] is a completely different story, with a new story plot, and a new role for the reader. Oh, yes, it's a reader-insert; 'cause I know how you all love reader-inserts.

Ah! By the way; the one on my Quizilla Account; I'll re-write it with this.

Dammit. I haven't even started on [The Life Game] yet.

DISCLAIMER: I, LeTiffany, do not own the manga/anime Naruto or its characters. I only own the story plot and the Original Characters (OC) I create. All credits towards Naruto should go to Masashi Kishimoto.


Title: [In Naruto?!]

Summary: [Name] [Last Name] is the type of girl-who-cross-dresses-to-intimidate-people. Rui [Last Name] is the type of five-year-old who adores-his-older-cross-dressing-sister-more-than-anything. These two orphans are not the typical kind of orphans you would find wandering the streets. When [Name] kicks ass, she KICKS ASS. She's the bad-girl (or bad-boy in this case) of her school, and nobody seems to know her real gender.

So, when this troublesome girl and her younger brother get ripped from their dimension and thrown into another, everything in her life turns upside down. She meets the hyperactive goofball named Naruto Uzumaki. She meets the emo duck-butt known as Sasuke Uchiha. She meets the many boys who want her love so dearly. The exit to this chaotic world?

Oh...what exit?

Time Plan: Naruto Time-Plan. You and Naruto are both the same age.

Pairings: Naruto x Reader x  Sasuke x Kiba x Shikamaru x Various [Yes, I'm gonna make you a harem].

Characters: Naruto Uzumaki [12], Sasuke Uchiha [12], Kiba Inuzuka [12], Shikamaru Nara [12], Reader // [Name] // You [12], Rui; your brother [5], Various. [A/N: The numbers in brackets represent the ages of the characters].

Chapters: More than one, that's for sure.

Following: The original Naruto story-plot; although, I will change around bits of things and all.

Including Movies? Yes. [Yes, I will be writing out the movies! 8D]

Sequel? Maybe.

Prequel? No.


[About Reader // [Name] // You]:

First Name: [Name].

Last Name: [Last Name].

Age: 12 - 14 ; Twelve at the start, fourteen at the end.

Hair Colour: [h/c].

Eye Colour: [e/c].

Favourite Colour: [f/c].

Appearance: Short, cropped hair; cut by [Name] herself. She has cut her hair off to 'indimidate' others; and to indicate that she's a boy, which will most likely avoid her getting teased and put off at school. [e/c]-coloured eyes, that usually hold no emotions to anyone else but her brother. Her face expression is usually emotionless, since she doesn't trust as many people ever since her parents abadoned her and her brother. Her chest [ahem, cough] is not that...big; which only hints more that she's a boy. The only way people know that she's a girl is that if she falls into water. She usually wears baggy clothing; has black gloves (which she stole, of course) and converse shoes: a black short-sleeved shirt that's a little over-sized for her;  and she wears a pair of loose, dark blue, heavy jeans. She does not wear glasses, but she does wear piercings. Only on her ear-lobes [=∆=;;]. She is also pretty short for someone her size. In the normal world; she is described as [Name]-kun, since everyone has thought she was meant to be born a boy; and has always been treated as a boy (damn, she even went into the boys toilet once on a dare). But in the Naruto World; she may look like a Goddess; since most short-haired people are like that (not really).

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