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This is actually a poem my friend wrote for me because he's so nice ^=^ (well i helped him....Allot LOL)

Oh, Oh ,Oh

Please don't go, oh

Oh lauren, 

without you life is kinda boren

And when my life is in a binde

everyday you just sit and remind- that Everything is okay

and everything is laugh and play

when I'm with you Lauren

lauren, bobauren, cauren, chauren (da faq? xD)

Oh, Oh, Oh lauren, 

you i am adoren 

you got me me falling so hard

i hit the flauran

i don't know where els i'd rather be

than having you laugh right next to me

now this might sound creepy

but I'm just saying i think your peachy

and man oh man, If anyone says this is a love poem

they better shut up or I'll have to choke em

Oh, oh, oh

please....don't go

*clap clap clap* :D

now for shawn!!

Oh, Oh, oh

Don't go

Oh, shawn

I am thinken bout you from dusk

till dawn

your personality is

like gravity

pulling me in and maken me laugh

how long will it last? why don't you do the math

oh, oh, shawn please understand

that being my friend is my demand

so Shawny shawn shawn

why don't you come along

don't be shy

because we all know your not that kinda guy ;)

Oh, Oh shawn

Please don't go 


Oh shawn your so much better at this "song writing thing" -__-"



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