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Mummy Direction.(A One Direction Fan Fiction.)





Chapter Four: Make cookies, not war.






The sun was just starting to really pour through the window when I heard the door creak open. Still half asleep, I ignored it, my fuzzy mind blaming it on the non-existent wind. Nearly silent footsteps against the shaggy cream carpet made their way around the bed until I was surrounded.




And then someone started playing a guitar.




“It's time to get up in the morning-”




“In the morning-”




“In the morning.”




“Got some MacDonald's breakfast for you-”




“Just from any other brand.”




“We drove two miles to get it, so you better get up and eat it-”




“Don't be selfish, Kalliope-”




and then chaos broke loose as they all jumped on my bed.




“SO WE GOTTA GET UP! GET UP GET UP! IT'S TIME TO GET UP! GET UP GET UP GET UP GET UP!” they yelled, jumping around and getting louder with each chorus until they noticeably lowered their voices.




“Its time, to, get uuuuuuup.” they harmonized sweetly. Luckily I had been able to completely hide under the covers, so none of my body was above the sheets. I flung out an arm and flipped them the bird.




“Ah, now isn't she lovely.” Lou said sarcastically, and I rolled my eyes, though they couldn't see it.




“Go away! Let me sleep!” I yelled into the fluffy comforter. There was shuffling noise and I thought I heard someone count to three before-




They ripped the covers off of my almost bare body.I let out a little 'eep' as I stared at their amused faces that soon turned into stunned and blushing. I couldn't help but laugh as their eyes locked on my body. What ever, it's time to face the facts:




I'm living with five teenage/young adult, boys. Sooner or later, we're all gonna see each other in our underwear. Might as well get it out of the way. I sat up on my knees and stretched, causing them all to blush deeper. Seeing the sun through the window, I suddenly remembered something.




“Liam, what day is it?” I asked hurriedly. He flustered a bit before forcing his eyes to meet mine.




“Um, er, it's um, Sunday?” he said, though it came out more like a question. I looked over to the digital clock which read: 7:59am.




“Crap!” I yelled, jumping up from the bed and running out of the room, shooting down the stairs, “Gonna miss it, gonna miss it, gonna miss it, crap crap crap crap crap!” I yelled, sprinting into the living room where Zayn sat on the couch, remote in hand as he watched a penguin documentary. I lunged for him, crawling over him until I snatched the remote from his hand. I flipped through the channels until I landed on Nickelodeon.




“....Then drop on the deck and flop like a fish!




I cheered, clapping happily, but then noticed I was still in Zayn's lap, his face filled with shock as he struggled to rip his gaze from my body. I jumped up and danced to the rest of the theme song, ignoring the stares of the boys as they filled the room.




“Spongebooooooooob, Squarepaaaaaaaaaaants!” I yelled with the pirate picture on the screen, whistling with the tune.




We'll be right back with more Spongebob Squarepants.” the Nickelodeon speaker said and I moaned. I turned around from the screen, analyzing the looks of the boys.




Louise: Amused.



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Chapter Four: Make Cookies, not war.


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