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Behind These Walls


              To be honest, I wasn't really sure if Hudson had a girlfriend or not. Sure, he was attractive, and he was friendly and likeable―maybe even loveable―but I didn't know if I could picture him as boyfriend material. It was weird to think that this wacky, outgoing girl was dating Hudson Bradley. Hudson, the oaf. Hudson, the klutz. Hudson, the lost puppy.

                Actually, in a way, it was believable.

                I hadn't even realized Amanda was still talking to me until Hudson broke in and said, "Sorry, guys. Hold on a second. There's a customer."

                "Okay!" Amanda beamed at me. "Calista, I've heard so much about you!"

                "Really." I managed to say―not ask―as I was unable to form more than one-word replies. An uncomfortable feeling settled in my stomach, unidentifiable but still there.

                "Yeah! I could probably write a whole life story about you now," she said, giggling. Giggling. She giggled. "You're a senior in high school, right? And you go to Jefferson High?"

                Um...okay. So I have a stalker. No big deal.

                "That's very―"

                "Hey, we should totally hang out sometime! Like, the three of us. I don't know, go out for lunch or eat dinner or something."

                I'd rather not be an awkward third wheel. "Sounds like a great idea." I forced a smile, which took all of my effort because I wanted nothing more than to let loose the scowl that I'd been holding inside of me. "We should."

                "Do you have a boyfriend?" Amanda asked suddenly.

                What was with random girls I'd just met asking me about my dating life, or lack thereof? "No, I don't."

                "Oh, I see. It's just―'re so pretty! How do you not have a boyfriend?"

                Me? I'm pretty? Hah! "Uhuh..." It wasn't that I thought I was ugly, but I knew I wasn't gorgeous. It was something I'd accepted. I was too skinny, had too much of a body shape like a pre-pubescent boy, and I was just "Thanks, I guess."

                "Anytime!" Amanda beamed again. What the hell? Why did she keep looking at me like that?

                More importantly, how old was this girl? Her personality made her seem a lot longer than she was. If Hudson was nineteen, I guessed that she herself was around that age. But the way she was acting? I'd put her at fifteen, sixteen tops.

                The thought of Hudson getting with a fifteen year old girl made me want to barf.

                "Did I hear you planning out another group outing?" Hudson came back over, sighing. "Remember what happened last time?"

                "It wasn't that bad! Her eyebrows grew back after a month, and she even got Eric to give her a cute new hairstyle to cover it up!"

                Hudson must've seen the horrified look on my face, because glanced over at me and laughed. "Amanda, you're already scarring Calista. Tone it down a bit."

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Troian Avery Bellisarioas Calista Bouratzi
Liam Payneas Hudson Bradley
Alyson Michalkaas Emilia McKenzie
Ally Makias Melodie Kim
Zac Efronas Grant Jacobson

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