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The Train[Ziall/Lilo BoyxBoy Fanfic]


Niall's P.O.V:

Why did this happen? I mean first the train now this? Im never going on a school trip again. "Umm should we call someone?" Liam took out his cellphone but he threw it on the sand. "No damn signal!" he ran his hand through his hair. Louis went and started whispering to him. "We can go to the cabin and see if someones there?" Charlie said. We jumped the fence and ran down the sand. Zayn tripped and I couldnt help but just start cracking up. He got up shaking the sand of him. "You have some right here" I said motioning to his face. He cleaned it out and we made our way to the cabin. Charlie knocked. No answer. She knocke again. No answer. She turned the knob and surprisingly the door was open. "Hellooo..." Louis called. All the lights were off. I flipped the switch and the whole cabin was fillied with light. There was a bed in the middle, a small refrigirator, and a bucket where I guess was the bathroom. "Do you know if anybody staying here?" asked Zayn. There was a note with a ;) on it. It was written in strawberry lipgloss. It seemed like something out of a horror movie.

"This seems familiar but I dont know where its from" said Charlie sniffing the paper. "I feel like Im in a horror movie!" said Louis. I couldnt agree less. "Well we dont have signal so where stuck here." said Harry. I yawned. Its been a long day. "You wanna sleep?" asked Zayn. I nooded. He led me to the bed taking off his jacket laying down. I layed my head on his chest while his arms went around me. I felt the bed move lightly. "Push over!" cried Louis. "I cant!" said Charlie. The bed wasnt that big so we were going to have troubles tonight. Louis and and Charlie started aurguing about the space. I heard someone sigh. "Its going to be a long night!" said Liam.

I woke up to see we were all tangled up. I was laying acrross Liam who was on top of Harry, while Charlie had her head on Louis lap and her feet in Liams face, while Louis was resting on top of Zayn, who had his head close to Louis bum. What a lovely sight. I tried to untangle from them without waking anybody up but it didnt work. "Whats going on!?" said Liam. "Vas Happenin?!" Zayn said. "What?" said Harry. "Whos dying?" asked Charlie. "Shut Up! A man needs their sleep!" Louis yelled. Everyone looked at him before bursting into laughter. We untangled ourselves from eachother. "Ugh man Charlie take out your stinky feet of my face.!" said Liam. She apologized while I thought Zayn was going to have a heart attack. "AHHH MAN! He threw a fucking fart on my face!" He exclimed . Everyone bursted out laughing including Louis who was up now. "Im going out. I want to swim." I said. "Its chilly!" said Liam. "So?" I ran out taking off my shirt and pants. I took my phone out with me to the water. I may not have service but I can still play games.

Zayn's P.O.V:

"YES!!!!" We heard someone scream from outside. I ran out with the others following behind. Niall was out in the deep of the water holding with phone fist pumping. "Babe whats going on?" I asked. "I got signal from here!' he said. The phone suddenly slipped from his hand falling into the water. I had to bite my cheek to prevent myself from cracking up. I handed my phone to Liam. "Bring it to him." I said. He took off his clothes and brought the phone to Niall. I could see Louis cheecking him out. I nudged him. "Eyes up!" I said. He blushed. "Says the boy who almost took my best friend's virginity the minute we got to the hotel!" he said. I blushed. I knew Niall was virgin  I mean I would be surprised if he wasnt. But we werent even going to do that. Were we?. "Touche" I said. Liam was talking to someone on the phone. They both swam back. "The police is on their way." Liam said. "You guys better dry yourselves up." said Charlie. We made our way back to the cabin. I couldnt help but check out Niall's ass. Well his boxers were sticking to it. Oh we were so going to do that yesterday.

The police got here like 20 minutes after. "So you got lost?" said the police officer who we learned was named Paul. "Yeah we were at the theater but then we asked the cab driver to take us back to the hotel but he dropped us here. Our phones didnt have signal." Liam explained. Leave it to him to be the responsible one. The police took notes and said they would take us back.

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