Dear Suicide,


Wrote this after seeing a suicide video on YouTube. I just wanted to let everyone know that you ARE worth it. You ARE loved. We all have our haters, we just have to flip them off, and show them we don't give a rats ass what they think.

·Not edited, and poorly written·

Dear Suicide,

Today I denied you
For no apparent reason
Maybe I'm just sick,
Or is it this god awful season?

I'm giving you a rest,
So I put the blade to the side
I no longer want to bleed,
Nor do I want to die.

Your no longer my option
Even though you encourage me
Its not the same now,
Cause for some reason I feel free

I met a great person today
That really opened my eyes
He is so amazing,
He makes me feel not dead, but happy inside.

I always thought love wasn't real,
It just resembled rage
But nothing seems real when your buried alive,
Or locked in a cage.

I feel alive for once,
I've grown wings and can fly
I was once depressed and lonely,
And just hated my worthless life

So this is my letter to you
I feel refreshed and revived
This is it, Suicide,
This is my final goodbye.

Love, Maggie


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