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One Direction - Headlines (ON HOLD)

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Hey, I know it not great thats why i want to write with you i think you would make this a great story so i hope im in with a chance. I have loads of idea and things that can happen. That is Melissa in the sidebar.


Melissa pov :

We arrived at the supermarket I like shopping but when you have a 5 year old and one of your friends who acts like a 5, the fun kinda get taken away.

"Come guys let start then don't have all day " I said brushing a brown curl out of my face before grabbing charlie's hand.

"so mel what we gonna get first ?" taylah said with her light blonde hair bouncing up and down.

" SWEETIES " Charlie shouted out

" I think not your mummy won't be happy with me " I said giving him a sad face.I look over at him and Taylor who were giving me the puppy dog look.

"Now Charlie if your a good boy and you stay with me at all time I might treat you" looking at his face light up. Then turning back around to taylah " and you tay will be put on the naughty step " I said poking her in the shoulder.

"fine mummy" her and charlie burst out laughing I couldn't help but join in.

"I'll go get the trolley"

"ok Hun" I said watching her walk of then look down at Charlie " let's go get some carrots"

"but I don't like them cousin melissa"

"well I do now come on "

We started walking to the vegetable aisle, when suddenly I couldn't feel charlie's hand,I look down he was gone!

"Charlie ! Charlie !" I shouted looking around. I pulled out my phone and phone taylah

"Charlie charlie's gone"

Mel carried on trying to clam me down then we decide to split up and look for him.

I ran and ran I'm going to be dead but even more Charlie anybody could have him. Why does this place have to be so big!

Harry Pov:

"Louis come on ! We can get the carrots later but I need to get these flowers for cath "

"fine but your buying the carrots now"

"whatever now come on I'm meeting her soon" I was walking back wards at this point then I bump in to something

"sorry" I said looking to the ground it was a little boy with light brown hair.

"Have you seen my cousin Melissa ? She has long brown curly hair and she about this tall" he told me jumping to try and show me how tall she is.

"No I'm sorry little man, but how's about we go and look for her.Would that be ok?"

"yep" he said giving me a cheeky grin.

"Louis come here we have to help this little boy find his cousin" Louis walked around to see the little boy Who's hand I was holding.

"hello I'm Louis and what is your name?"

"Charlie" he said giving that same cheeky grin back "and what his name?" he said pointing to me.

"I'm Harry "

"Harry and Louis how old are you?"

"I'm 18 " I said pointing to myself "and Louis is 20" I said pointing to Lou.

"and well I'm 5"

" cool age being 5" Louis said giving him a smile.

"so what dose your cousin look like Charlie?"

"she got long curly brownie hair with blue eyes and she with her friend taylah who had blonde hair and green eyes"

"ok then let's go find them"

I said with me ad Louis grabbing his hands.

Melissa pov :

It's been 10 minutes! And we still can't find him. Then suddenly , I heard charlie's laugh. I ran towards the sound of his small little laugh I came closer and closer to it then I saw his brown hair jumping up and down.

"Charlie!!!" I said running up to him giving him a massive bear hug.

"you naughty little boy,don't ever do that to me again you scared me so much Charlie"

I said pointing at him

"I'm sorry Melissa " he said as I pulled out my phone to text taylah

- found him were in the bakery section

Mel xoxo

"it's find charlie but please don't run away again" I said giving him another hug but then hearing a cough.

"oh Melissa this is Harry and Louis my new friends they were helping me look for you" Charlie told me jumping about the place.

"ugh thank you guys so much" i said looking up to see "oh wait your from that boyband direction no the direction wait no one direction ?"

"hmm Yerh we are but keep on a low were just shopping"

"Yerh it's kool"

"You a fan ?"

"hmm well " i began before getting cut of my a familer voice.

"OMG NO Way it's you omg" I turned around it was taylah

"Sorry" I said turning back around to the two young boys one with bright blue eyes and a long muddy brown hair the other with deep green eyes and chcoclate brown curls , who was abit taller than the other but both taller than me.

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