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Relearning How to Love

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Last Time

 As I was pulled under into the arms of unconsciousness, I noticed one last thing:

The figure had blonde hair.

Kyle had brown.


I came to with a little start.

I let out a moan, my whole body ached and I could feel a headache forming from behind my eyes. 

Feeling the cool hard ground against my back, I shifted uncomfortably. 

I moaned again, my body whining and protesting just at the shifting movement.

My entire body begged for sleep and rest.

I felt a warm hand on my forehead and I stiffened as tingles erupted along my body..

"Shhh, its okay." A comforting voice cooed. Suddenly the ache in my body disappeared, I let out a sigh of relief.

"Are you feeling better?" His voice seemed to wrap around me, surrounding me in comfort and warmth like a soft blanket. My brain filled with fog and I couldn't think straight.

"Eat it" Something was pushed into my hands. I opened my eyes and saw a fiber bar.

I unwrapped the package and slowly chewed on the chocolatey bar. 

It was wonderful, and my stomach growled happily yet greedily. Before I could even pose a question, another fiber bar was smashed into my hands. My stomach growled again, this time even louder and I ripped open the small package and ate it.

I smilled and went to gaze into my mates face.

But it was not Kyle.

I jumped up to my feet in a flash, surprised I was able to do so without getting dizzy. I felt energized and strong.

"Who are you?"

I stared up into a gorgeous face surrounding by golden blond hair. He had an odd worried expression on his face. His blue eyes were narrowed in concern. He wore shorts, and a slightly worn t-shirt all paired with no shoes. He had a green backpack at his side.

An outfit for a werewolf outside in the wilderness. You had to have some clothes when you wanted to get supplies in town.

"You should sit down, you must be a little weak from your experience."

His voice was soft and dripped with sincerity. His words warmed my heart, yet I didn't know why.

Why was this man, a very handsome man, I must admit, make me feel like he was my mate? 

"Who are you?" I repeated.

"I'm your mate, I'm so glad we have finally found each other."

He reached out to touch me and I jerked away.

"You can't be my mate." I said.

What about Kyle? Kyle is my mate. Not this impostor.

"And why is that?" He smiled a little cocky smile. 

I took a little breath and said.

"Because I already have a mate." 


His eyes flew open in surprise. A look of shock crossed his face. 

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Candice Accolaas Rosaline James
Matt Dallasas Kyle Marks
Alex Pettyferas Liam James
Ariana Grande as Ferra Harp
Avan Jogiaas Henry Graham
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