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Chapter 9 : Wrestling 101

The ride back was calming. For once we all did our own thing. I stared out the window, but the second a sleeping Niall came into my field of vision, a sly smirk appeared on my face as an idea popped in my head.  

"Does anyone have a marker?" I asked, glancing around at the boys.

"I have one!" Harry called out, digging into his bag on the floor. I waited patiently for him to hand it to me. Once he did, I quickly removed the cap and hovered over Niall's body. 

"What are you doing?" Zayn wondered, eyeing me closely.

Ignoring him, I grinned and slowly drew a fake mustache on Niall and initialed my name on his left cheek. He continued to sleep, looking as peaceful as a baby. Putting the cap back on, someone quickly snatched it from my hand.

One by one, the others initialed their name onto the Irish man's face. I slapped my hand over my mouth my when he rustled a little. Watching him go back to his peaceful state, I breathed out a breath of air and chuckled softly with the others. 

"I shaved my initials on Zayn's leg once," Harry told me, grinning like a mad man. 

My eyes lit up in amusement when Zayn groaned and looked away from me. Harry's absolutely a genius! I would have never thought of that. Leaning towards Zayn, I reached over and gave the curly haired boy a high five.

"Niall is going to be so happy to see we took the time to write on his face," Louis whispered, writing 'I LOVE FOOD' on Niall's forehead. I honestly can't wait to see the look on his face when he finds out.

Grabbing my phone from my pocket, I quickly snapped a picture of him. Laughing, "he's so photogenic, even in his sleep!"

"Pic of the day!" Harry shouted, snapping a picture of him for Twitter. 

The others did the same, getting occupied by their cell phones. I pushed myself against the car door to take a picture of them together. Noticing me, Louis looked up and smiled cheekily at the camera. 

"You're beautiful, Lou," I told him, smirking.

"Thank you!" Louis and Harry said in unison. The boys looked at each other before getting into some type of wrestling match. 

I shook my head at them as Zayn snapped a photo of them.

"We've arrived," the driver told us. 

Hearing his words, I looked passed Liam's shoulder to glance out the window and stared at the  building. I pursed my lips and squinted my eyes briefly before coming up with an idea. Seemed I was full of those today.

"Do you guys mind doing me a favor?" I asked, grabbing their attention.