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Love Me (A Larry Stylinson fanfiction)


A/N K so haii, this is my very first bromance story, hope you like it! I like the POVs cause it shows what everyone else is thinking.

Let me tell you a bit about myself:

1. I like chocolate

2. I like cheese

3. I love zebras

4. I love ducks

5. I'm in a steady relationship with food

6. Besides One Direction 

All Time Low 

Marianas Trench 

Panic! At The Disco 

We The Kings, 

Sleeping With Sirens 

Pierce the Veil 

Paramore are my favorite bands yessir holla at me if they're yours too


It might not be the best story, so leave a comment at the bottom of what you think




I sat in my room in deep thought. I have to. It would be the right thing to do, because pretending won't make it easier for me. I need to tell Haz how I feel. I was thinking about telling my best friend, Harry that I love him. It wouldn't be too much of a problem, except the fact that he's a boy, and so am I. I'm attracted to him probably more than I should, and he is in no way attracted to me.

We've been friends for a while. Since the X Factor, actually. We had a special bond. I mean, the other boys and I had a bond too, but it wasn't as intimate as Hazza and I. What no one knew is that every time we'd "act" as Larry Stylinson, I wouldn't be acting. I think I enjoy it more than I should, most of the time. And every time Harry would have bromance moments with Zayn, Niall, or Liam, I would feel jealous, even though I knew none of it was real. I thought as soon as he got back, I would tell him, and hopefully he would feel the same way. i didn't want to get to tell him his feelings only to find out it's too late... Harry introduced me to Eleanor, and I "dated" her for a while. She was great and I loved her. But as a friend. So we broke up, but remained friends.

I got up from my bed, and headed downstairs. I went to the kitchen, and found Liam sitting there. He seemed to be in deep thought because I don't think he heard me come in. I couldn't help but wonder what he was thinking about as I headed to the fridge to get some milk. He still didn't notice me. So I cleared my throat as loud as I could.


"Oh, hi, Lou. Didn't see you there." Liam smiled, but his eyes seemed a little vacant.


"Yeah. How did you get in here?" I asked.


"We used our key of course." he said simply.


I raised an eyebrow. "We?" Zayn and Niall were probably messing with Harry's stuff or something. I shook my head and smiled. "Do you know when Haz is coming back?"


"I'm surprised you don't know." He smirked. I squinted my eyes at him. "Yeah, he said he was going to get some food. He should be back in a couple minutes."


"Thanks," I replied. I went back into my room and found something to do with myself. Mostly fast pacing and nerves kicking all around. A half hour later, I heard a door slam shut.


"I'm home!" Harry shouted. I couldn't swallow down the milk fast enough. I jumped into Harry's arms before he even took four steps in the house.


"Hazza!" I greeted.


"Boobear!" he replied.


"I have good news," he said.



Harry's POV

There was that happy glint in Lou's eyes. I noticed he usually gets it when he talks to me, and I loved it. "I have a new girlfriend!" I said in excitement.


"Really?" Louis said, suddenly his voice sounded like it had fake enthusiasm, and his face became somewhat emotionless. Then it somehow his smile changed from genuine to forced. What was wrong with him? Was it something I said?


"Yeah! I met her at the store earlier. Her name's Erica." I said, trying to be ovlivious to the reaction I tried to understand. "She'll be coming over soon for you to meet her."


"Oh, that's great, I guess. I'm happy for you." Lou replied, the spark gone from his eyes. It was replaced with a dull blue, and dark in some way that wasn't good.

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