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Death's Bride (Book One of Death's Trilogy)

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"You know, if we did a Las Vegas wedding, it'll be much easier and faster." I said to Death jokingly and he laughed.


"Yes, we could have, but then your mother would have strangled us."


We both looked at the direction of my mother, who was happily talking to my grandmother and Emily.


For our wedding, we decided to invite my mother, which was very interesting to watch. First, we had to explain to her that Death did not kidnap me (well, currently) and that we are in love, so we're going to get married. Then came the part where she lost it and screamed at me for one hour 12 minutes and 34 seconds about being irresponsible and all the works on making her worry and stuff. The next part was the trickiest, though.


"Mom, there's something important that we have to tell you."


"What, Samael isn't a serial killer or anything?" My mom asked jokingly; Death and I gave each other a look.


"Um.....not really."



"Lily Rose Embrey, tell me what is going on."



"What she means to say, Ms. Embrey, is that I am Death."



"I don't understand."



"I am not human; I take human's souls when they die."






"Grim Reaper? Devil?" I suggested and Death shot me a glare.



I chuckled, knowing he hates those names.



"Is this a joke?" My mom asked tiredly, but she seemed quite cautious.



"No, ma'am, unfortunately this is not a joke."



Death continued and started to explain the prophecy and having to find a bride and that I was his bride.



It took a lot of convincing for my mom to realize that Death was....Death. Then she went on panic mode.


"Oh my god, it's Death! Lily, it is Death!"



"Mom, we established this."



"Ms. Embrey, please---"



"You stay away from my daughter. I'll give you anything, just stay away from her."



I went over and grabbed her hand, "Mom, it's okay. I love him."



"But.....I.....Death..." My mom sputtered and I looked at her in the eyes.



"Really mom, I'm fine."



Her eyes began to water as she searched my eyes, "You've grown up, Lily."



She pulled me into a hug and I felt my eyes water from the emotion.



"You'll always be my little baby, you know that right? You can always come to me for anything."



I looked up and saw her tearful eyes, but now they were smiling.



"Yes, mom." I replied, my voice cracking a little.



I can't believe how much I miss my mom's warm embrace, her comforting words, how I taken her for granted.



She pulled away and gave me a bright smile, wiping the remaining tears in her eyes.



"What are we crying for? This is your happiest moment of your life, you're in love! Enjoy it while you can."



She got my hand, got Death's hand and brought our hands together, "So, when's the wedding?"



And here we are.


"So true." I replied, she was the one that planned most of the wedding.

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Chapter XXVII: Death's Wife


Rachel McAdamsas Lily
Anthony Perkinsas Death
James Marstersas Thanatos
Keira Knightleyas Emaline
Alicia Keysas Emily
Sophia Bushas Faith (young)
Maureen Bushas Faith

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