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My blind customer


Hello sweeties  

Thank you for your patience in me 

I was away for Easter glossy the last three days and couldn't upload the edited chapter 

But here it is  

hope you like it



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Chapter 17

Mike kept kissing Nicky fervently. She was an exquisite little morsel and he just wanted to devour her. To make her part of him and never let go. Pretty soon she was laying helpless in his hands, her body his for the taking, oblivious to her surroundings. Suddenly Mike in his haze, heard someone coming up the stairs. Regretfully he ended the kiss. Nicky was dazzled and not steady at her feet. He hugged her and threw all her weight to his body to help her descent the stairs. A few stairs later they came face to face with his brother. Derek saw how their bodies were arranged and frowned.

"Is she OK? What happened? Why are you holding her like that." His comment seemed to snap Nicky out of her dream state and blushed like a cute little red tomato.

"I'm OK. I think." She stammered.

"What happened? Are the girls OK?" Derek asked again. Mike seemed to find his voice just then. Derek was looking from one to the other and was trying to judge the whole situation. Something was up with them but he couldn't be sure what. Nicky's cheeks were a deep shade of red and she really couldn't stand on her own.

"Yes don't worry, the girls are just fine. I told them a story and they went to sleep like two little birdies. Apparently it was a good one because this little birdie here fell asleep too." Nicky felt her flaming cheeks and feared that she was not going to be able to hide what really happened from Derek. Mike couldn't see her cheeks or her disheveled condition but Derek certainly could and it wouldn't be that difficult to reach the conclusion of what they were really up to up there by themselves.

"Well that explains it. Don't worry about it. All of us have fallen asleep from one of his stories one time or an other. He can get pretty boring that way." He smirked at her. "You don't have anything to be ashamed of. Now let me help you get down the stairs."

"He is not boring at all" Nicky tried to defend Mike. "It was a very nice story I just drifted off. I guess I was more tired than I thought I was." Her legs were yet to get the message that they were supposed to support her weight, so she lingered in Mike's embrace. It was a far better place to be anyway.

"Here let me help you." Derek got close to her offering to help her get down the stairs in one piece.

"I can do it Derek. I am not an invalid. I can support her weight, little as it is just fine. I don't need your help. She is my friend." Nicky had turned her head and was looking at him astound. He had an overprotective air about him, a totally alpha male attitude that was pretty uncalled for. Derek had only offered to help them. She placed a calming hand on his chest.

"He didn't mean to offend you in any way Mike. He just wanted to help. I am really not as light as you try to make it appear." Mike didn't seem to be appeased by that in the least. Even more determined at this point he bend towards Nicky and lifted her in his hands bride style. Nicky made a little yelp and held Mike's neck for dear life, seeing the stairs looming under their feet.

"Don't be afraid" Mike whispered in her ear. "I know this house by heart." And then he proceeded descending the stairs with all the confidence in the world. He had his prize in his hands and he was not going to let anyone take it from him, or make her think that he was neither capable nor worthy enough to support her in any given situation.

Derek descended the stairs quickly so that Mike wouldn't stumble on him and drop Nicky. Though he doubted his brother would ever drop her. Even if he fell he would make damn sure she was fine even if that meant he broke his neck in the process. He showed a protectiveness towards her he had never seen with his previous girlfriends. It was obvious to him that Nicky was special to himv whether he realized it or not.

"You didn't have to pick me up like that. I could have walked down by myself you know. I am not an invalid either. We are putting quiet a show like this. How do you intent to explain this thing to the others downstairs?" Nicky whisper shouted to Mike's ear anxious about what the others would think seeing them descend the stairs like that.

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