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Hiding a super hot, pervert guy on the run in my room


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Chap 9

"you know, Anne, I worry about you."

"huh?" I turned to look at Keith. It was Friday, and he had no soccer practice, so we could walk home together. His college was right next to my school, which wasn't far from our house, maybe a fifteen minute walk if you walked at a normal pace.

"yeah, I do," Keith said. "do you know what happened to Ellen?"

Ellen was one of Keith's friends, and I knew her pretty well. She was sweet and we went to the movies together sometimes.

"something happened to Ellen?" I asked. "what?"

"she was mugged while coming back from shopping," Keith said.

"oh, my gosh, is she okay?" I asked, worried.

"she's fine," Keith said, "but she lost some cash and her cell phone." He looked at me, worried. "you know, Anne, you have to walk alone three days a week, and you--"

"stop worrying so much, Keith," I said. "it's not like I walk at night, alone."

"I know, but..." Keith paused. "you stay alone at home for a really long time, even full nights sometimes, when Mom has to go out of town and I have to go out of town for some matches, and I--"

"keith, don 't worry," I interrupted. "I'll be fine."

Keith sighed. "it's just... I don't want you to get hurt."

I smiled at him. "don't worry about me."



"hey," Travis said as I walked in my room, and dumped my bag on my bed.

"hi," I plopped down on the bed. I was thinking of Ellen. What would've happened to me if I was in that position? I wouldn't be able to do anything, that was the truth.

"whatcha thinking about?" Travis asked. I looked at him; he watched WAY too much TV.

"oh, nothing..." I said, but then changed my mind. "actually, there is something," I said, "what would happen if I got attacked?"

"you would shriek and I'd come and beat the guy bloody," Travis smiled. I stared at him flatly.

"no, you idiot," I said. "what if I was all alone? I'm so... defenseless."

Travis actually looked thoughtful as he sat down next to me. "how about I teach you how to fight?"

I stared at him. "WHAT?!"

"yeah, I could teach you," Travis said. "I'm pretty good. Come on, I'm sure it'll make you feel... safer."

I thought about it. It definitely would make me feel safer and more confident. "maybe I should go to a REAL judo teacher or something," I suggested.

"no way," Travis insisted. "it'll be more fun. Now, get up." He got up and tugged on my hand, and I uncertainly got up and followed him near the window, where there was enough space.

"okay, stand up in your normal posture," Travis instructed, and I did.

He walked over, inspecting me. "okay, let's see," he said, and he dropped down to his knees. I felt really uncomfortable as he inspected my legs.

"what the hell?" I cried out as Travis put his hands on my thighs.

"oh, no, wait, not like that," Travis said hurriedly, before breaking into a huge smile. "just stand with your feet spaced apart, to make sure you're evenly balanced. And now bend your knees a little, make yourself more comfortable. Got it?"

Travis helped me into the position, adjusting me until I was nice and poised. Wow, he actually acted professional. It was... WEIRD!

"okay, no bring your arms up to guard your chest," Travis said. He moved in close to me, and I expected him to put my arms in position, but instead he said, "your full, gorgeous chest which I'm sure you'd--"

"okay, thanks for the tip," I interrupted strongly, and Travis smiled. "what next?"

"well, that's your basic fighting stance," Travis said. "now we'll work on... your punching."

"umm... okay."

Travis readied himself. "punch me."

"WHAT?!" what was he going on about? No way in hell was I gonna punch him!

I mean... it would be bad manners. Yeah, that's the reason.

"just do it," he said. "I can dodge."

I took a deep breath, and then threw my fist at him. Travis dodged it easily. I'd expected that, of course, and I was kinda... glad. What if I'd actually hit him? That would be bad.

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