Well hello there

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Last night my stuff came at 6:30 exact I don’t know but that doesn’t matter right now my friend Cossette is here helping me with all my stuff I had to put my two overly sized dogs into massive cages. Cossette is carrying my luggage while I haul my two fat asleep dogs everywhere. The god damn things that I do for these dogs.

“So are you excited Kaine because I’m excited for you” I smiled “Yea I’m totally pumped for it but if these dumbasses don’t let my dogs with me they can start digging their graves. I mean yes my dogs are fat oafs but they are very obedient and well trained.” I said gently setting down the cages for a bit. “Kaine trust me they will but just remember I want a signed t-shirt make sure Zayn signs a big spot on the front ok.” I rolled my eyes “Are you positive that you’re not in love with him.”

She nodded as her cheeks turned bright pink. I picked up my dogs cages as we set of to find those carts that you carry your luggage. We decided to get two of the trolleys one for the luggage and one for the cages.

I had to bid my farewells to Cossette as I went through all the checks, I promised her we’d skype once a week and that I update my facebook as much as possible. I headed towards my terminal my dogs where already on the plane but where  probably still fast asleep. It was a 12 hour plane ride and the chairs on first class reclined into beds so I decided to relax a bit and sleep because I hardly did last night.

On top of that I need to keep my cool. Because I’m not the girly Kaine I used to be when I was 5 I am now the totally awesome 17 year old with the most ravishing chestnut eyes with back specks and not only that but I have three tattoos one on my shoulder of a white feather, one on my wrist of a tribal bracelet and on my neck I have a small little green four leaf clover that’s only visible when my hairs up.

I put my beat headphones in and blasted my music from my IPhone songs included where mostly One Direction and the others where B.O.B, Eminem ,Jay-Z, Flo Rida and a bunch of others but lots and lots of One Direction.

*10 hours later (what I sleep alot)

When I woke up the sun was up once again when we left it was about 8 o’clock I usually go to bed early because I hate be tired in the mornings so I go to bed earlier. I decided to stretch out a bit so I unbuckled my belt and stood up a bit allot of the people where either still asleep or busy typing away on their Macs.

My hair was probably a mess so I ran to the wash room with a comb and my hair relaxant in my hand. The washrooms where a lot better than in normal class. I finally was able to get my hair back to its natural wavy/curly self.  It took me about a half hour to do that. When I walked out of the washroom, people where finally starting to wake up.

I got back to my seat once again and buckled in as the flight attendant ladies began coming around with food and drinks. She handed me an egg salad sandwich and a cup of water. “Umm excuse me but how much longer till we arrive?” She smiled “About an hour or so why do you need anything?” She asked politely. I shook my head. “No its just I want to see my dogs which I brought along.” I smiled a sweet smile.

“Oh thats so sweet your dogs are be well treated we have someone patrolling every 10 minutes the last I heard all of the animals where still asleep.” I nodded “Thank you” I said “No problem dear.”

She walked off and started handing sandwiches to the other travelers. I’m so excited right now so to calm down I decided to finish off a book that I got it called ‘The Taming’ By Eric Walters and Teresa Toten and since I’m on chapter 36 and there’s  only  46 chapters I thought I should finish it off, I had more than enough time. I put my ear buds in and blasted ‘More than this’ by One Direction in my ears.Man I love them lots I put it on replay.