12th Doctor Adventures: The Graveyard of Angels (1/7)

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Hi there, this is a new story. This is one of ten stories in a series about my 12th Doctor. Everything is new. New sonic screwdriver, new TARDIS, new Doctor and new companion. Unlike My Life, the Companion, these stories are third person. I've only got 3 of the 10 stories planned so far, but I would like to get these out of the way before the actual 12th Doctor is announced and appears. After this series of 10 books is over, I have no idea what will come next! Enjoy! Please fan, vote and comment for more stories! (If you'd like to!)

EDIT: Due to my horrible (and yet amazing) skills at procrastination, I am now very aware that I will not finish 12 books by later this year/early next year. So I'm cutting the series down to 7 books instead of 12.I know I'm still not going to get them all done in time for Matt Smith's era ends, but hey. 

Any Who references or facts have come from either my head or: http://tardis.wikia.com