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[Boy X Boy] Save Me


ONE – Friday 30th March

Jeffrey's POV


I squeezed my stomach, in an attempt to stop it from hurting.

How many times did he punch me?

I couldn't even remember.

"Argh…" I felt blood drip from my mouth as I managed to sit up. I remember that hit – right in the mouth, causing a cut to appear…

I looked around, making sure I was completely alone.

"Rex must have left…" I muttered out of relief.

I was left on the roof of our school, after the ‘popular’, ‘kind’, ‘funny’ and ‘hot’ Rex Smith was done with me. He managed to trick me to come up to the roof, so he could play with me and eventually beat me up too..

You know, what any bully does to their…victims.

I was used to the physical stuff. It was part of my life now – ever since the first year, Rex Smith had victimized me. I was his toy. I don't think anyone else in the school knew about it, Rex managed to cover it up in the slyest way possible…He was that ‘great’ and all…

I guess it was for that reason that made me so depressed – no matter how bad it got, or how bad it was going to get…I knew no one was ever there to help me…

Who was going to believe me anyway, even if I told them?

I may have been the kind of person who always had a smile on their face back in primary school years, thanks to a loving family and friends, but as I got older…that wasn't the case for me – Now, I was someone else. The real me was hiding in a shell, too afraid to come out.

After my father had died, my mother and I started to suffer from depression – My image darkened, without me even noticing… What I really hated was that as soon as I stepped through those front gates on the first day of school, the people around me judged me on that appearance. They assumed I was something that I wasn't. They may have never said anything to me personally but the whispering and rumours about me that haunted the school slowly stuck to me like leeches – I couldn't escape them. Each and everyday, the noise from various students got louder making it harder to get through the school corridors… I even tried to change, but that only seemed to cause more and more people to attack me, verbally.

Of course, Rex Smith was the one who caused me most of the hell in secondary school. What made all of it worse was the fact that we did actually used to be friends… It was me who actually considered it as well – I was the one who was there for him…

During the first few weeks of the time we spent together, we shared my lunch break together.

Something caused Rex to snap though.

Even now I don’t know what it was.

I don't like thinking about it – to be honest, I've tried my best to suppress the memories, as having them lingering in my head now didn't help. It simply made things worse…but forgetting about being friends with Rex before all this bullying started was easier said then done.


I sighed.

Instead of sulking about the past, I gradually rose to my feet. I wobbled a bit before limping towards the roof's staircase, where my shoulder bag had been thrown too. Luckily none of my books had come out. Rex was nice to an extent a bully could be.

I groaned sadly, just wanting to stop thinking about him, whilst looking back at the school roof.

I guessed this was my fault though – after all I did purposely avoid him all day. I didn't think I'd get chased to the roof and beaten that badly though – it was probably one of the worst beatings yet. I was still dizzy – I felt as though I was going to throw up as I slowly ambled down the stairs.

Once I had reached the bottom of the stairs I caught a reflection of myself on the school windows, the sun slowly descending behind them. My shortish dark brown hair was all messed up. I glanced at my face. My dark blue eyes were red and had tears in the corners of them. My nose had snot dripping out of it, and my mouth was bleeding. I tried to wipe it all off but it didn't stop… My school uniform – a done up white shirt, a silver tie down the middle, a buttoned jacket and a pair of black trousers – had been ripped in various areas and covered in dust.

"Jeffrey? Jeffrey Kite? What happened to you?" The voice of my tutor, Miss Johnson came from down the corridor. I looked at her coldly. She was wearing her small dark blue dress, black tights. She had a petite black chocker around her neck and matching designer shoes. Judging from the amount of bags she was holding I guessed she was about go home.

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