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A Servant for a Mate



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Chapter 16


Last night will go down in my book as the best night of my life. After we ate dinner our conversation turned personal. At first I was shy in telling him about my life, things I have done or how I was treated. The atmosphere was perfect and I figured if I told him things, it would all change. To my total surprise he remained calm and collected.


No tantrums or shifting happened and to say I was happy would have been a lie. I was ecstatic, still am. It means he is learning to be the man I need him to be.


I believe today he is trying to prove himself by taking me out on a date. I don't know how him lavishing me with gifts or taking me places will prove that he wont cheat on me, but I guess I will have to wait. I told myself that I will give him a chance to prove himself and that's that I'm going to do.


“You up sweetheart?” I glance towards the bedroom door as it slowly opens to bare Cadens handsome face.


“Just woke up.”


“Breakfast is nearly done. Once we eat, we will be heading off for our date so dress in jeans. Bring a sweater for later tonight.” He doesn't step through the door, but I notice the twitch in his body that tells me he wants nothing more then to enter and crawl into bed with me.


“I'll be down in a few.” I smile back at him.


Nodding his head, he turns and walks out the door.


Last night we slept in separate rooms. Apparently my brother Trevor rebuild the bedroom while we were sleeping after the attack. I knew that if we slept in the same bed once more we would finish the mating process and I do not want that. If we are to work then I need to know him on a personal level before we reach an sexual level.


When I requested we sleep in separate rooms, I could tell he wasn't happy, but he didn't make a fuss of it. I'm not sure if he felt we moved back a few steps or what, but I had the urge to comfort him to make sure he knows I'm not backing out, that I'm not pushing him away. Instead I kissed him goodnight and crawled into bed.


From the way he looked when he opened my door a few minutes ago, I know I have to do some serious damage control.


Doing as he asked, I quickly get ready and head towards the kitchen. The smell of yummy crisp bacon makes my mouth water. Walking through the door I see Caden's lean back facing me. Instead of sitting down, I walk up to him and wrap my arms around his built body.


Instantly his body goes tense. Did I truly hurt him that badly? “Caden, are you alright?”


“Yes, breakfast is done. Would you mind grabbing two plates for me?” He didn't kiss me good morning or hug me back. Only a cold hearted grab the plates.


“Are you mad at me?” I question him. He isn't going to spend all day this way is he?


“No, I'm not mad, I'm hurt.” Sighing I place the plates down and turn him to face me.


“Is this because I didn't want us to share a bed last night?” Watching his face I notice he can't look me in the eyes. “You know its nothing against you, Caden. I figured if we slept in the same bed last night we would finish the mating process and I do not want that right now. We need to get to know each other first.”


Wrapping my arms around his neck I lean up on my toes and kiss his firm lips. “I promise you I would never walk away no Caden. Not that you would allow me to.” I smirk against his lips.


At my words his arms wrap around my waist, bring me flush against his hard chest. “Never again, my love.” Kissing me back once he leans his forehead against mine. “I guess I felt lost and unworthy of being in your bed when you denied me. I think I believed the happy moment we spent together wasn't real, that sooner or later you would be gone again. That I would lose you all over again.”


“Oh my sweet and utterly clueless Caden. I have loved you since I was a young girl. Dreaming of the day that I could finally be cuddled in your arms. As I grew up my dreams turned sexual. I despised the woman that were special enough to feel your body under their fingers. To know the pleasure only I was supposed to feel.” I try to pull away, but his arms tighten around me further.

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