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Summer Rain


Dedicated to jordynbarr for being first one to comment last chapter! :)

Picture of Kaden on the right >>>>>>>

Sorry about it not being in colour, but that's the picture of the actor that matched my visualization of him the best.

Anyway, on with it....


It's a mad, mad world,

Gotta make it okay.

It's the perfect world,

When you go all the way.

Hit the lights,

Let the music move you.

~Hit the Lights- Selena Gomez

      Brett just looked at me with that expression. You know the one that clearly says you're-acting-like-a-brainless-moron. In my defense, it was because he said something that was incredibly hard to believe. Kaden? Liking me? I think he's insane. I think everyone's going insane now...

      "Wait, you're not joking?" I asked stupidly. Brett laughed and shook his head before grinning cheekily.

      "Nope. Not joking," he replied. Before he could continue, a whistle blew. The same whistle that started the game signified that someone had won. Brett jumped and looked around, as if suddenly remembering that we were in the middle of a game and he was supposed to be guard. Now, it was my turn to smile.

      "You know, you're a really bad guard," I told him as we started walking back to the pool. He shrugged.

      "You don't know who won the game," Was all he said. Though, he did have a point there. Not to sound egoistical like Kaden, but I suspected it was my team. Unless Clark or Kaden had played border control, Annabelle would've crossed. I guess they might've won by stealing the flag first, but Kallie, unlike her boyfriend, was pretty darn good at defense.

      As we approached the pool, I squinted and tried to see who had the flags, but the sun was in my eyes. "Who won?" I called out to Clark, who was standing closest to us. When we got closer, I saw he was frowning. Yay! I think that means we won.

      "You guys did," he admitted. I looked at Brett and poked my tongue out at him. He just rolled his eyes as a response.

      Kaden walked up to us, with Annabelle and Kallie talking about something and trailing behind him. "You," he said, clapping a hand on Brett's shoulder. "Are a horrible guard. Annabelle said she just ran over, looked for it, and ran back."

      "Yeah, well, you guys are horrible at hiding the flag," Brett said trying to defend himself. I stifled a giggle and shook my head. Immediately, Kaden's eyes snapped to me, but I looked away before he could say anything. A silence fell over us. Well, this is slightly awkward...

      "And a unicorn is born," I muttered under my breath. It was actually a different saying, but I liked this one better. The other one was just... Kind of mean.

      "There's no such thing as unicorns," Clark replied with a dismissive wave of his hand. Kallie and Annabelle had joined us now and were looking between us, amused. Why does everyone find my conversations amusing? Seriously, it's getting annoying.

      I glared at him and pouted, "That's what you think. They'll take over the world one day, and I'll be able to say I told you so."

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[5] Hit the Lights


Nina Dobrevas Raine Evans
Toby Hemingwayas Kaden Fleming
Evan Rachel Woodas Kallie Fleming
Kaya Scodelarioas Annabelle Jackson
Landon Liboironas Brett Hastings
Steven Straitas Clark Williams
Asher Bookas Devon Sanders
Zac Efronas Blake J

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