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Worth A Second Look 2 (Chap.55.2-55, Epilogue)


Worth A Second Look 2 (Chap.55.2-55, Epilogue)

Chapter Fifty Four 

Part Two

Ria's POV

"Ouch- you okay?"

I recognized his voice immediately, and it made me want to just stare at the floor forever. 

Feeling like crap, I wished the ground would just eat me alive.

I couldn't look at him. Shame was burning through me like poison. 

Shame... hurt. LONGING...

He offered his hand to help me stand up, and it took me a couple of seconds before I took it. I continued to stare at the shiny floor of the airport even as I stood there, waiting.

"Your phone."


I got my phone from him, and only then had I allowed myself to look him in the face. I couldn't see his eyes-he was wearing his favorite aviators.

He walked past me as he fixed his bag up. I opened my mouth to speak, and I wasn't able to stop myself from asking.

"You mad at me?" I croaked. He stopped, his mouth tightening into a straight, thin line.


"Are... are you mad at me?"

He laughed scathingly, as though I had just said the stupidest thing in the entire universe.

"What do I get out of it?" he asked.

I shrugged, attempting to smile as his words had hit a nerve.

"I... yeah. I didn't really-" :-\

"I've already learned not to waste stuff on anything worthless," he said. "All thanks to you."

W- what? 

Worthless? :-[

"Have a safe trip."

He turned his back on me. 

I cried right there. :-[

His words hurt... 

And the worst part?

I knew I deserved them.

"Hey babyface!"

I saw Karissa materialize from nowhere. She gave Lance a small hug (which he reciprocated) and they started to talk.

Lance brought out his ticket... which completely matched hers. 

Of course...

She was going to Milan with him...

Kai was taking my place.

I turned away, refusing to see what else was in store for me. 

Wow. Tangina lang.

How come everyone else's happy?

I felt the urge to curse as the universe seemed to be hell-bent on keeping me unhappy.

But then, I saw Gelo.

He stood beside our trunks, looking blankly into empty space. 

I have to be there for him.

There are things more important than one's own happiness...

And in my case, it's him.

"Kurdaps! :) They're wishing us a good trip."

He merely smiled, and then he took my hand.

"Ria," he began. "Si Amanda... wala yun."

"I- Gelo, it's okay. I don't need any-

"Pasyente din siya ni Daddy. She had six months to live. Pareho kami ng sakit."

I listened.

"Ako kaya? Hanggang kelan pa?" :-\

"Don't say that!" :(

He looked at me with lonely eyes.

"Siya yung kadamay ko nun. Wala siyang ibang makapitan kundi ako. Kaya hindi ko siya maitaboy. Nung AdHoc dapat susunduin na kita nun kaso tumawag siya... hindi kaya ng konsensya kong iwan siya... pero maniwala ka man o hindi ikaw yung gusto kong puntahan nun."

"Gelo, ok na yun. Hindi mo na kailangang-

"Nalasing ako kaya ko siya nahalikan. Pero noon pa kasi ang laki na ng problema ko kaya lagi na kong lasing... yung nakita ng Daddy mo na kasama ko sa New York... wala yun. Akala ko mabait siya. Pero hindi. Nung nagkagulo kami ni Rish, siya yung tinakbuhan ko dahil wala naman yung mommy ko at masyado nang magulo isip ni Dad..."

I put a hand on his shoulder.

"Pero maniwala ka sakin. Kahit may nangyari sa amin wala lang siya. Wala lang talaga. Ikaw lang Ri..."

"I believe you."

"Sorry kung nasaktan kita. Pinagsisisihan ko lahat yun."

"I know. And let's just put it behind us, okay?" I asked, carressing his cheek. "I'm ready to forget it all and face the present with you. Kalimutan na natin yun."

Hinawakan niya yung kamay kong nasa mukha niya.

"Can you do that for me?"

"Anything for you, Ri."

I hugged him and felt his sincerity.

"Anak? Are you guys okay?"

"Yup," I told Stella.

"I'll get you some coffee."

Umalis si Gelo. Tiningnan ako ni Stella.

"Hija, salamat."

"Wala po yun," I said. "CR po muna ako."


The moment I entered the CR, I felt like I would've given anything to turn around and get the hell out, but I was split seconds too late.


The moment she saw me, she went wild and threw her arms around me like we were friends. 


The nerve of this b1tch! >:(

"OMG. I so didn't know you were leaving today din!"

"Oh. I noticed." ::)

"Yeah. Kuya and Gellie are following us tomorrow pa. Plane slots are selling like pancakes this season, and our plane was already full when kuya got his renewed Visa. So there. You're heading to New York, if I heard it right?"

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