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*Cassi's POV*

I heard the clomp of his footsteps come from across the street and into the driveway before his patronizingly low voice hit my ears. I peeked open one of my eyes to see Ash leaning against Kitty's black Volvo, his arms crossed over his chest, a malicious grin playing around his lips.

"Hey doll face." He greeted me, the irritating nickname making me growl at him. "I didn't know you lived here." I was about to respond, most likely with some immature paraphrase, or my all time favoirte, go fuck yourself, but Kitty stepped between us, blocking Ash from view.

She twirled her brown hair around one of her fingers in a flirtaious way, using her voice that she only pulled out for guys she deamed worthy. "She moved in with us a few months ago, my mom and I took her in." I saw a bit a movement, and noticed that it was Ash nodding along to her story. The talked and talked and talked....Which soon turned into shameless flirting. Leave it to Kitty to hit on the guy I abosolutely loathed.

Gagging I stood back up and climbed into the passanger seat of the Volvo, my fingers drumming across the dashboard impatiently. They both ignored me, and I watched as Kitty playfully hit Ash in the shoulder, and he just smiled politely at her. The time told me that if we didn't leave now, we were going to be late for school. Now, any other time that would have been fine with me, but right now, I didn't want to be in the same breathing space as Ash.

I hit the horn of the car, causing them both to jump and glare at me through the tinted windows. Kitty mouthed 'one minute, god!' Than spun back around to - get this - continue flirting with Satan himself. Didn't she know that if she talked to him much longer she was going to fall to the darkside!

I tapped the horn until Kitty through her hands up in exasperation and walked around the car, sliding into the drivers seat. "Jesus Cassi, haven't you ever heard that patience is a virtue!" She whisper-screamed at me. I shrugged, but couldn't stop the small laugh that escaped my lips.

Reclining back into the leather seat, I closed my eyes, glad that we'd be leaving and I wouldn't have to see that smug face of Ash's at least until the end of the day. My eyes snapped open, and I'm sure I looked like I'd just eaten something bitter, when I heard the backdoor of the car open, and saw Ash climb into the back. He moved to sit in the middle of the back, and leaned forward, his elbows on the middle divider.

"Thanks again for giving me a ride to school, Kitty." He said, but his eyes were looking straight at me with a dangerous tint. I fidgetted in my seat while Kitty told him it was no problem, and pulled the car out of the driveway.

God, he was way to close. He was invading that breathing space I had mentioned earlier, sucking up all the air in the car with those full lips of his. I felt like all the air in my lungs had been replaced by water, and I was suffocating on the inside. Ash winked at me, than leaned backwards, his hands playing a small beat on his lap. "So why did you take doll face in anyways?" He asked Kitty casually.

She opened her mouth to respond, but I intervened. "My name isn't doll face, it's Cassi, and the reasons regarding why she took me in are private!" I seethed between ground teeth, scowling at my window. Ash perked an eyebrow at me in the rearview mirror, and lifted his hands up in a truce signature.

Kitty slapped the back of my head. "Be nice!" She grumbled at me quietly, than sent a dazzling smile at Ash. "Don't mind her, she's moody in the mornings." Kitty giggled when Ash nodded wide eyed. The bastard was trying to act like he was an innocent litte gentlemen. Of course he could get away with it to, because Kitty didn't remember our little showdown outside of the car last night. Dammit.