Sherlock Holmes And The Man Who.


Marie POV -

I loved the way how he rambled on about every new case he got himself involved into.  I loved to watch the excitement which ran through his veins whenever he explained every little detail to me.  The “Science of Deduction” he called it. I never really understood how it worked and now looking back I can see that I still don’t.  Although I still gave him the idea that I was emerged with what he was saying, always nodding along at every observation he made.  John always seemed to ask why I didn’t just tell him that I hadn’t a clue what he was talking about. I told him it was the easiest thing to do and it took a lot less time to deal with. During that stage though I thought my life was complete, living with a consulting detective and a retired army doctor. Yes I really thought I was living my life out at its fullest, everyday always seemed to get better with them two. Until you’re too in love and instinct starts to take over, making yourself say things you regret and always picking out the worst in each other. We used to ramble on a lot but not creating such a big scene out of it, after all couples aren’t perfect. I didn’t even realise that the biggest change was still yet to come in my life, which was going to lead to even more arguments and more tears. But I couldn’t help myself what are you meant to do when you fall in love with another person who brings out the best in you. But then again I suppose I made it to obvious, always sneaking out at night and being more private with everything that I did, but I just couldn’t help it. If he didn’t deduce everything that walked through the door I might have gotten away with it, but I should have known better than to judge someone as smart as he was, I should have known not to afford any mistakes. So this is the story about the man who I loved and still do love but also how another man got in between us changing not just us, but me.  This is the story of me and my love ‘Sherlock Holmes.’  

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Benedict Cumberbatchas Sherlock Holmes
Martin Freemanas Dr John Watson
Andrew Scottas James Moriarty
Rupert Gravesas DI Lestrade

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