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Chapter 17

Seventeenth Shock: The Final Decisions

Running as fast as she can, Faye came to a halt in front of their building where familiar faces bowed down to her; it was his father's secretary and his men. She walked towards the stairs with a heavy feeling inside her chest. She saw him, sitting on the bench with Anne and Louise looking gloomy was her father.

"Let's go." Mr. Hitachiin said darkly without even a glance at her as he walked away. Anne and Louise automatically threw a hug at Faye and went outside. With one last look at their house, where they spend their happiest days, all three of them went teary-eyed.

The flight towards Los Angeles was the longest flight they have ever been in. Her father didn't say anything or even look at her; it was the worst feeling Faye had ever felt. She knew he was dissappointed. She knew that she bought shame her family by running away from them but even so, she never regretted her actions. She had meet her Brandt, her love and no one can't take that away from her. Not her father and not even her future husband to be. She had given herself to Brandt knowing that he deserves her more than anyone else.

Hours passed. As they arrived home, they saw Mrs. Hitachiin. The heavy atmosphere vanished and is replaced by a sense of relief. The moment Faye's mother saw them, she rushed to all 3 of them crushing them into a tight hug while tears in her eyes flowing wildly down her cheeks. 

"You three will be sleeping on your own respective bedrooms tonight and don't even think of running away again! Guards will be posted on your doors and all over the mansion. I suggest you all get your rest, for tomorrow will be the real engagement." Mr. Hitachiin ordered as he turned away.

"WHAT?" The three of them chorused, shocked of what they had heard. 

"Yes, you heard me right! Your engagements. Tomorrow night." Mr Hittachiin took a deep breath then continued. "...By the way you are not allowed to leave your room. Meals will be brought to you. Your dresses, make-up and all other necessities will be delivered accordingly. Goodnight to all of you. You have a big day ahead." 

As Mr. Hitachiin said his last words, the three hugged each other and parted ways for the night. 


Faye's POV

This sucks. If this continues, my insomias will further be dreadful. This is like prinson. Oh wait! IT IS PRISON!

My cellphone: confiscated.

My laptop: gone.

The phone in my room: I hardly can call it a phone.

This is hell. Not only do I have to be with a douchebag for the rest of my life, but knowing that I've hurt the person I love most in this world makes me sick. Like I want to throw up. I hate this! Why does this Arranged Marriage have to happen anyway? Why can't they just have their own agreement and not ruin their children's future by making us marry wusses. Ughh! This sucks. 

I miss Brandton. I miss his smile. I miss his warm cuddly hugs and our sweet not-so-romantic dates, the bickering, the crying and the make-up kisses. Right now, I have to face it. Brandton is now nothing more than a phase to this world. To my world.

He's the dream to this world that's been nothing more to me but a hellish nightmare. 

I cried. For God knows how long.

I cried like there's no tomorrow. 

Tomorrow, I will not show my feelings. I will not cry. I'll be like a doll, smilling like everything is always perfect. 

Brandton, now you are nothing more than a dream.

I really did love you.

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